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Some years back, the idea of sharing a car seemed absurd. However, with Uber, Lyft and the increase of smartphone applications, the trend has shifted and this has made it possible for drivers to more easily find alternatives to renting a car.  Today, a new way of “car-sharing” is emerging that has the potential to disrupt the car rental industry. With “car-sharing” it means a set of wheels can be found by travelers to use as car owners can now earn money when they are not using their vehicles. Car sharing enables people to forgo the cost of car rentals while having more control than using a car service. It also decreases the time the car spends unused in the parking area or even driveway. As a result, in the 21st century, people much less care about who owns the jeep company now and are much more curious about where to find a decent car-sharing service. Car sharing programs, such as Avail, are beginning to grow in popularity, potentially changing the game forever for traditional car rentals.

What is Avail?

Avail is a peer-to-peer car-sharing program that allows vehicle owners to rent out their vehicles for short periods and earn passive income when they are not using their vehicles. The platform connects outgoing travelers who own cars with incoming travelers who might need a car at airports or within communities.

From the mobile app platform, you can outsource your car when traveling. As well, you can borrow parked local cars belonging to individuals who have traveled or are away on vacation. A benefit to car owners when going to the airport is freedom from traditional long-term car parking fees. This significantly saves you from the hefty costs.  At the same time, those flying into cities have another option for “wheels” while on a business trip or vacation.

How Does Avail Work?

Avail primarily provides two services. You can either borrow a car or park and share your car. Regardless of what you want, you’ll have to register with the platform by downloading the Avail App. Then fill out the sign-up form. Drivers should register with a valid driver’s license. However, car owners only need to upload their vehicle information on the platform.

What are the Benefits of Avail?

Below are some of the benefits of using Avail for those who want to borrow a car.

Affordable pricing – as a driver, you get to see your costs upfront. This eliminates the hidden surprise fees often associated with car rentals or opting for taxis.  Costs typically are significantly less than renting a car from a car rental company.

Ease of use – Avail succeeds in providing drivers with a seamless experience straight from registration. Once you have registered with the platform by providing a valid driver’s license, you can book everything from your phone. Make reservations for the type of car you want even before landing.  Arrive and get into your car within minutes!

Insurance coverage – Avail drivers are covered by Allstate insurance, which eliminates the risks of having to pay higher insurance rates for damage or accidents for the vehicle being used by others. You also get roadside assistance in case the car breaks down on the road as well.  The Allstate arrangement is a key asset for Avail and provides peace of mind for vehicle owners.

Customer support – the platform provides 24/7 customer support. You can reach out through email or direct phone lines.

Car owners looking to park and share their vehicles enjoy the following benefits;

Save and earn passive income – instead of spending a lot on airport parking fees while on your trip, you’ll be making money instead. Car owners receive a fixed amount every day, depending on the type of vehicle. Note that even if your car is not borrowed, you won’t pay any parking fees. And your car gets a free car wash!

Smooth experience – you’ll have an easy time knowing that Avail takes care of your car immediately after dropping it off. After dropping your car at a secured parking lot, you then wait for someone to borrow your car and get paid.

Insurance cover – with the platform, you can travel with peace of mind. Allstate insurance company takes care of any arising unfortunate events while your car is on Avail.

Car sharing is a new and great idea that has a lot of upsides. It is more of an extended transportation network that enhances mobility, among other benefits. If you meet the requirements, sign up as a driver, or submit your car for sharing with Avail. This service is currently available in limited major city airports including Chicago O'Hare International. There are a lot of other vehicle services you can avail of. You can also lease a van or a car and Ford Van Leasing is one you should keep an eye on. Watch for these services to expand significantly.

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