The Worst Types of Distractions for Writers to Experience

The Worst Types of Distractions for Writers to Experience

If you're a writer or aspire to become one, you need to understand that there are highs and lows to every job. Consequently, distractions bother you from time to time. This can make it highly difficult to work or write as a hobby in your free time. These are some of the worst distractions for writers.

Health Concerns

When you’re worried about your health, it’s hard to focus on anything else. That’s why writers need to stay on top of any concerns they may have about their health and wellbeing. Visit a doctor whenever you’re not feeling well, and at least twice a year for routine exams. Get tested regularly for any diseases you’re at an increased risk of developing. Don’t let social distancing get in the way; telemedicine and over-the-counter mail-away testing make it easy to manage health from home. You can even take an at home test for many conditions these days. Worrying about your health is an easy way to sabotage your efforts as a writer, so make routine screenings and checkups a part of life.

People Who Won't Leave You Alone

One of the largest distractions for writers is their surroundings. Working from home can give you peace of mind unless your family just won't leave you alone. Whether you find a quiet space indoors or head outside to work, they'll probably irritate you one way or another. Besides this, working away from home, you may have issues with obnoxious coworkers who won't mind their own business. You can try calming down with breathing exercises, yoga, or meditation.

Inability to Edit On Screen Or Print

Professional writers often like to get their articles looked at from multiple angles and eyeballs, the same goes for the medium whether it is on a screen or on paper. Often publishers like holding their writing on hard white paper, marking it with a red pen or a highlighter can be twice as effective as leaving comments on a google doc. If you are in long-form or book publishing you may want to look for a used printer for sale with commercial capabilities so you can print chapters or entire books when needed without straining a typical light-duty home office printer.

Loud Noises

Hearing a loud noise while you're writing can make you lose focus and inspiration. Loud noises you may hear include neighbors arguing, babies crying, an ambulance zooming by, and a radio on full blast, among others. The biggest problem with hearing a loud noise is not being able to escape it. Consider earplugs or noise-canceling headphones to block out noise that’s otherwise impossible to avoid.

It's Too Quiet

Alternatively, no noise can be equally distracting. One reason for this may be because you might get bored with having no distractions. You might start to procrastinate since there's no noise to distract you from your thoughts. In order to deal with the quiet, you can turn on your favorite music, use an app with nature sounds or calming music, or maybe even turn on the television if necessary.

Worries About Responsibilities

Responsibilities include looking after an ailing relative, caring for kids, pets that need companionship, appointments or meetings, et cetera. These responsibilities can cause stress which can negatively affect your ability to put words down. Consider dealing with your responsibilities by asking a friend or family member you trust to help you. If this isn't possible, try writing a few things you’re grateful for in a daily journal to gain peace of mind.

Uncomfortable Environment

Since you have unique needs as a writer, you need to write in an environment that fits those needs. For example, maybe you work in the city, but you can't stand the distraction of having coworkers. This may mean you should consider working from home where you can be alone more often. Other than this, if your environment feels stuffy, you can open a window to let in some fresh air.

These are just some of the worst distractions for writers that you may experience. Remember, although you may have problems once in a while with these, being a writer still a dream job. For this reason, it's wise to be grateful, because not everyone has the privilege to love what they do for a living. If you aspire to become a writer, be positive, and don't allow distractions to get in the way of your dreams.

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