The Complete Guide That Makes Becoming a Sneakerhead Simple

The Complete Guide That Makes Becoming a Sneakerhead Simple

Do you love everything about sneakers? Do you enjoy shopping for them, learning about them, and, of course, wearing them?

Then you already have what it takes to turn yourself into a respectable sneakerhead. All you'll need to do is continue to add to your sneaker collection over time so that you're able to become the best sneakerhead that you can be.

You should also take a few other steps to set yourself apart from the pack in the footwear industry. Today, we're going to speak more about some of these steps and show you how to embark on a successful journey towards solidifying yourself as a sneakerhead.

Keep reading to check out our guide that will make it so simple for you to transform yourself into a sneakerhead in the near future.

Start by Reading Some of the Best Books Ever Written About Sneakers

If your goal is going to be to turn yourself into a true sneakerhead, you'll need to do more than just build a sick sneaker collection. You'll also have to educate yourself on sneakers and know all of the classic kicks like the back of your hand.

One great way to educate yourself on sneakers is by reading some of the best books that have ever been written about them. We're talking about books like:

  • Shoe Dog: A Memoir, by Phil Knight
  • SLAM Kicks: Basketball Sneakers that Changed the Game, by Various Authors
  • Sneaker Freaker: The Ultimate Sneaker Book, by Simon Wood
  • Complex Presents: Sneaker of the Year: The Best Since ’85, by Various Authors

And this is just the tip of the iceberg! There are countless books that have been written about sneakers and all that they entail. You should buy as many of them as you can and commit to reading them cover to cover.

Decide Which Types of Sneakers You Like the Most

A true sneakerhead will know a little bit about all of the different types of sneakers that are out there. But they'll start to develop their taste in sneakers and favor certain ones over all the others.

While you're reading about sneakers and taking in all the information that you possibly can on them, you should start to pick out which types of sneakers you like more than all the rest. There should be some favorites that you can't get enough of.

Some sneakerheads love Air Jordans and devote their lives to adding as many Jordans to their sneaker collections as they can. Others prefer Yeezys and want to get their hands on as many of them as they can.

You don't have to fall in love with just one type of sneakers. But you should have some favorites that serve as the foundation of your sneaker collection.

Learn as Much as You Possibly Can About Your Favorite Sneakers

At this point, you will have already learned a good amount about sneakers in general. But you shouldn't let that stop you from diving in a little bit deeper to your favorite sneakers so that you're able to learn about them inside and out.

Let's say, for instance, that you decide that you're going to be an Air Jordan 1 devotee. This is great, but you're going to have a hard time convincing others that you're a true AJ1 fan if you don't know everything about them.

Find out more about them so that it's obvious that you love the AJ1 and everything about it.

Begin Investing in the Sneakers That You Can Afford to Buy

Once you decide what your favorite sneakers are, then and only then should you start stacking up sneakers in your sneaker collection. You should begin setting aside whatever money you can afford to spend so that you can pad your collection with all your favorite sneakers.

You don't necessarily need to go into debt stocking up on sneakers. But you should put together a thorough collection of sneakers before you start trying to flex on other sneakerheads.

Stay On Top of All the Latest Sneaker Releases

In addition to adding as many sneakers as you can to your sneaker collection, you should also attempt to stay on top of all the latest sneaker releases. You should be able to do this by bookmarking your favorite sneaker blogs and visiting them early and often.

By doing this, you'll be able to get a better sense of which sneakers are coming out soon. It'll help you to plan accordingly so that you're prepared to buy them before everyone else does once they come out.

Show Off Your Latest Sneaker Investments on Social Media

If you want to keep your sneaker collection to yourself, you're welcome to do it. But most sneakerheads love getting every opportunity to show off their latest sneaker investments to the world.

You can do this by taking photos for Instagram and other social media platforms and posting them there. It'll help you to develop a certain look and give other sneakerheads an indication of which types of sneakers you like the best.

Develop Relationships With Other Sneakerheads

The great part about becoming a sneakerhead is that it'll give you a chance to connect with lots of other sneakerheads. You should try to form relationships with them both online and at any sneaker-related events that you attend.

The more sneakerheads that you meet and correspond with, the more you'll start to feel like a sneakerhead yourself. You'll be well on your way to solidifying your standing within the footwear industry.

Becoming a Sneakerhead Will Take Some Time, But It'll Be a Fun Journey to Go On

You're not going to become a sneakerhead overnight. Even if you have tons of money and can create a killer sneaker collection in a single day, you're still going to have to put a little more effort into it to get any respect within the sneaker world.

Follow the steps found here to become a true sneakerhead. They'll put you on the right path and help you turn yourself into a sneakerhead in no time at all.

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