TabSite Announces Easy YouTube Embed for Facebook Pages

Happy Friday! It's here!

You can now embed YouTube videos and flash videos into your TabSite! This new feature is available to all paying users!

What a great way to customize your TabSite and set your Fan Page apart!  Now we make it easy to have video by pasting in your YouTube embed code or following the steps to link a .swf or .flv file you have on your server.

  It all starts with the new "video" icon (shown at left) added to your TabSite Manager Toolbar.

Users do not need to know any FBML code and we make it so much easier than Static FBML!  If you have the ability to upload a YouTube video, find the embed code offered by YouTube and can paste that into a box, you're in business!

See our TabSite blog post for full details and a screen-shot overview

Again, it's available at all paid package levels, so if you have a free account, Upgrade Today!


Team TabSite

Custom Design Options and Custom Facebook Apps are Available for your TabSite, Contact us for details!

Mike Gingerich, Web Consultant

Digital Hill Multimedia, Inc.


We Make The Web Work For You!

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