8 Powerful Tips on How to Build Brand Awareness on Instagram

8 Powerful Tips on How to Build Brand Awareness on Instagram

Instagram has gone from pretty vacation pictures and cute selfies to a fast-growing advertising hub. Every single brand on Instagram is starting to take visibility a lot more seriously, and they should.  We'll cover key ways in this post for how to build brand awareness on Instagram.

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Brand awareness is a major aspect of advertising. Being noticed by prospective customers or clients is the first step to making sales. Running a successful business can be attributed to customer familiarity with the brand. 

However, despite the growing popularity of Instagram as a great platform for advertisement, a lot of business owners still struggle with strategic positioning and engagement. 

How can Instagram be used to build brand awareness? What are the proper steps to take when it comes to growing a brand on Instagram?

Below are a few tips for building brand awareness on Instagram. 

How To Build Brand Awareness On Instagram 

The population on Instagram keeps increasing daily. According to one article, every month, there are over 1 billion active users. That is more than enough clients for any business there is. 

The question, however, is how to get them interested in what your brand has to offer. These following key tips are a great way to start:

1. Write a great bio

First impressions online are super important, especially as people's attention span continues to shorten these days. The bio content should be attention-grabbing and enticing. 

Ideally, a killer bio should do the following:

  • Describe what the brand does and what it is about
  • Assume a specific tone and voice to help connect to the online community that has been built or is in the process of being built.
  • Appeal to the target audience and be eye-catching 

2. Create a content calendar 

You can never overemphasize the relevance of content, especially on social media. For a brand to carry along a strong and loyal fan base, they have to keep them engaged.

When developing an Instagram content calendar, a few things need to be considered.

  • How frequently new posts will be up on the page
  • Diversification of the content to be posted
  • The brand theme and voice/tone

3. Hashtag correctly

Many times on Instagram, the end of a post is filled with unrelated hashtags. This is done most times to generate visibility, but it is absolutely wrong.

This sort of hashtag use exposes the brand quite alright but to the wrong demographic. The point of hashtags and other forms of promotional tactics is to introduce the brand to their target market.

Branded hashtags are another great way to increase a company's awareness. They are also a great way to track patronage because clicking on the hashtag shows every single post it was used for, both by the brand and their customers.

4. Identify your community

As soon as the Instagram following of a brand begins to increase, the next thing that should follow is the brand community's targeted engagement.

Every brand has a niche, identify the niche the brand falls under then begin gaining popularity for the brand in said niche.

The things to take note of in an Instagram community include:

  • The leading influencers
  • The popularity hashtags 
  • Engagement tactics 
  • Content style 

5. Pick a unique profile picture

A brand account is different from a regular Instagram account. When it comes to selecting a profile picture, the ideal photo to use is one that is unique and immediately associated with the brand.

The brand logo mark, logo, mascot, or anything particularly unique to the brand is a great fit for an Instagram profile picture.

6. Actively engage followers

It is not enough to increase the following on a brand's Instagram page. The followers have to feel that they are seen, and their opinions count. This goes beyond just replying to their comments on the brand page.

Identify the followers who constantly advertise the brand on their personal pages, either via insta stories, reels, or actual posts. Take time out to repost said followers and express gratitude for their support.

7. Use Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are a powerful and leading way to increase brand awareness. It also helps to identify the followers who are actually active and engaged in the brand.

Stories are the perfect place for sharing sneak peeks of new products, behind the scenes, and other interesting aspects of the brand. The power of Stories is truly high and engagement with them is active so be sure to use this tool.

8. Promote the brand on other social media 

Practice sharing Instagram posts, especially posts that perform exceptionally on other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. 

This will present the brand in a positive light, and because the posts are already geared towards a certain demographic, it would be an added advantage.

Cross promoting of posts will also help the brand build social credibility. You can also take time to embed Instagram feed on your website so that it can be discovered right from your website.

Despite the growing popularity of Instagram advertising, it is still pretty much untapped in terms of full potential. 

There is a lot that Instagram can do for a brand because the way it is designed gives the best form of visibility. The idea of seeing photos and videos before captions really helps to sell based on product presentation and aesthetics. Use these key tips to build brand awareness on Instagram for your company.

What are you waiting for? Instagram can do a lot more than just pretty selfies for you, make use of it today.

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