Streamline your business in five easy steps

streamline business processes

Running a business can be a very challenging thing, so if you can streamline it in any way, it is best to do so. Continue reading for our five easy steps to do just that.

  • Outsource areas where possible

If there are aspects of your business which you feel you struggle to carry out efficiently due to lack of time or expertise, why not consider employing someone else to undertake these tasks? Chasing people for payments, for example, can be very time-consuming. Hiring the services of a virtual assistant (VA) could be exactly what you need. Furthermore, there are lots of other tasks that they could do.

  • Digital asset management

In this day and age, with digital communication being so important, managing digital assets is intrinsic to your business’ continued success. Digital assets are everywhere; from logos to promotional videos, newsletters to datasheets. Ensuring that you make it as easy as possible for yourself and other members of your staff to access them is vital. Find a reliable digital asset management platform that can help you to maintain the identity of your brand, prevents you from recreating material you think has been lost forever and also enable easy access to all these files from absolutely anywhere.

  • Social media consistency

Having the same user name and also profile names across all social media platforms really makes a difference. Even just one extra character on a username can be enough to confuse a potential client. Similarly, if your profile picture on Instagram is a personal one rather than your business logo, yet is just that on Facebook, this may lead people to contemplate whether or not they have happened upon the right account or not. Ensuring that the message you share on all social media platforms is the same is imperative. If on Facebook you come across as a fun, easily contactable business yet Twitter shows you to be dull and rarely engaging with your potential customers, these mixed messages are not useful for you or anyone weighing up their options. 

  • Outsource your website management

Managing a website on top of all of the other tasks you have to do as a business owner is incredibly difficult. Although it is vital to know exactly what you want from your website in terms of content and functions, the actual work in updating it on a regular basis could easily be done by someone else saving you time, which you can spend on other things. This will lead to your work being far more efficient and effective. Be sure to make your expectations clear and provide everything with enough time to ensure it is updated regularly and in good time.

  • Have a sort out

We are all guilty of putting tasks off until we have more time. Unfortunately, it is rarely the case that we suddenly find a window of time free, so it really is best to start sooner rather than later. With both physical and digital resources and information, getting rid (be absolutely certain that they are no longer needed first) will free up space for other things. Old leaflets, brochures, business cards and letter heads can be recycled. Other things, as long as they do not contain private information, could be passed on to someone else with greater need. As well as clearing physical space, decluttering can also work wonders for the mind too.

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