Stanford's Entrepreneurship Corner: Larry Page, Google - Tips for the Entrepreneur

Video Clip from Standford U's Entrepreneurship Corner. Larry Page giving tips. I especially like point #1 and believe it is VERY important to long-term success. You HAVE to have good people that you can connect with. Look at the cycle of Terrell Owens in football for proof that talent without the ability to collaborate ultimately leads to a mess.

Transcript:  Google co-founder Larry Page provides several tips for entrepreneurs.

Tip 1: Just don't settle.  Especially with employees, it is very important to find great people you are compatible with.  

Tip 2: There is a benefit from being real experts.  Experience pays off.  

Tip 3: Have a healthy disregard for the impossible.  Stretch your goals.  

Tip 4: It is OK to solve a hard problem. Solving hard problems is where you will get the biggest leverage.  

Tip 5: Don't pay attention to the VC bandwagon. Don't start a company just because you can.  Instead, have a really good idea that is good regardless of the funding situation. Stanford ECorner is licensed under Creative Commons. For more details visit our terms of use page.


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