SocialDrift Review: Turning Insights Into Instagram Growth

This review will be tackling the Instagram tool known as SocialDrift. It recently caught my attention after it decided to make the leap from an automation service to being geared around optimization and insights.

Here is what I found during my time using it:

Insights vs. Automation

It’s not hard to see the appeal of Instagram automation. Automation does the tedious, time-consuming work of finding and interacting with accounts who are likely to follow you. These tools are supposed to provide you with the convenience and freedom to focus your energies elsewhere.

However, the underlying problem with automation is that it is static. Most automation, once the target audience has been set, usually just repeats the same interactions on loop. It isn’t built to learn and experiment from the engagement it receives. This makes it extremely scattershot in its success rate.

The premise behind insights is that combines the power of technology and human effort. It uses artificial intelligence to generate individualized suggestions based on data that the user, in turn, puts into action as they see fit. This leaves space for some creativity and ingenuity in the implementation process.

While it sounds promising in theory, insights systems are still unproven in practice. Not a whole lot has been done with them yet. So when I started SocialDrift, I set out to put the fledgling idea to the test.


The service’s central feature is its optimization module. This comes in the form of a page that gives you a prioritized, color-coded list of recommendations for improving your account. It’s a remarkably simple system that’s easy to understand and follow.

To access this feature, all you have to do go to your dashboard and click on the “View Account” button for the account you want to check on. SocialDrift allows you to add multiple Instagram accounts to your dashboard, and each one has its own dedicated Insights module.

SocialDrift also has a variety of other features too. You get real-time analytics to track your growth rate, as well as more detailed reports sent to you. While I think there’s plenty of room for additions, it’s a solid package as it stands.


No matter how harmless a service seems, I would never recommend if I wasn’t absolutely certain that it was safe to use. This is a responsibility that all reviewers share in the digital age.

The reality is that we are more vulnerable to cyberattacks than ever before. As more businesses and individuals participate in commerce online, it increases the opportunities for malicious entities to exploit vulnerabilities in their transactions. Any company that doesn’t defend its customers against this threat isn’t worth trusting.

Fortunately SocialDrift doesn’t cut any corners in this department. The service is vigilant about its website’s security, and utilizes dependable software and tools in order to safeguard its data.

SocialDrift also poses zero threat to your Instagram account. This is because its Artificial Intelligence system is able to remotely monitor and analyze its activity. They never ask for your password or to sign in with your account.


SocialDrift is very straightforward about its pricing options. You can either pay on a weekly or a monthly basis. Both choices give you access to the exact same features. Additionally, you’re given a three-day free trial that doesn’t require any credit card information.

I find this uncomplicated approach to be quite refreshing. There are a lot of other Instagram services out there that make you pay extra for “higher-tier” plans, just to use certain features that should already come with a standard account.

When you pay for SocialDrift, you get everything that’s promised to you. You don’t need to upgrade to an expensive “Pro” or “Platinum” account to get the full experience.


A strong customer support team is a sign of a healthy service. It means that the business cares enough for its customers to be on-hand and prepared whenever they need help.

During my first month with SocialDrift, I talked to a few of their “customer success managers.” They all seemed very polite and well-informed as a whole. It didn’t take them long to resolve any issues or provide satisfactory answers to my questions. They even humored me whenever I sparked up light conversations or went on unrelated tangents.

The only grievance that I have is that they weren’t always quick to respond. Sometimes there were even a few periods where they were away for some time. Although, while these instances were inconvenient, they were few and far between. So I can’t knock them too hard for that.


Before I signed up with SocialDrift, my Instagram was averaging 200 new followers each week. It wasn’t bad growth necessarily, but it was well below where I wanted to be. My goal was to double that average by the end of my first month with the service.

I ended up surpassing that target by taking their “insights” into account. Within the first week, I was at 270 new followers. The next two weeks brought in around 320 and 380 respectively. Finally, during my fourth week, I managed to draw in about 440 followers. So, in total, I had gained over 1400 followers for the entire month.

I have no doubt that this rate of growth will continue into my second month, which I have started as of writing this review.


I have to say that I wasn’t anticipating much from SocialDrift at the outset. Its entire concept seemed overly speculative and dubious. Despite my skepticism, I was eventually won over by it.

Its greatest strength is that it gives you a clear direction to follow. It constantly assesses what has been working best for you, and pushes you towards improvement with its advice and encouragement, all in real-time.

SocialDrift is a must-have for Instagram beginners still learning the ropes, as well as a good companion for experienced users who appreciate some constructive insights and want to take their social media game to the next level.

Features: [4/5 stars]

Security: [5/5 stars]

Pricing: [4.5/5 stars]

Support: [4/5 stars]

Effectiveness: [5/5 stars]

Overall: [4.6/5 stars]