Social Network Elite Review: Grow Your Instagram Account Organically

social network elite

Social Network Elite is a newer business tool for Instagram. If your business hasn't been serious about Instagram as a sales and marketing channel, it is high time you get serious!

No, Instagram isn't just a place where millennials post pics about their vacation and food pics. It has evolved into a marketing powerhouse in today's social media landscape.

Here are a few stats to put things in perspective:

  • There are 1 billion people on Instagram with 500 million users using it daily
  • Users on Instagram like over 4 billion posts a day
  • Over 70% of users have bought a product seen on Instagram

By not using Instagram strategically, you are missing out on lots of highly engaged followers as well as a chance to boost your brand recognition and sales.

Just as marketers worked to grow their Twitter and Facebook accounts as part of a social selling strategy, achieving Instagram growth should rank highly for your social media strategy. This post is about Social Network Elite, a Instagram growth tool that you may want to check out:

Introducing A Key to Instagram Growth: Social Network Elite

So, you've set up your account, started posting and you want to see the follower count and engagement level go up. However, the growth process can be time consuming.

For a business that is juggling clients, marketing, and probably a few other social media accounts, it can hard to devote the right amount of time and effort on Facebook. In cases such as these, a business might look for services to help.

You may have heard of automated growth services that promise to grow your account through paid followers, automated follows, scripts, and bots.

While those programs may look like a short term fix, they are not something you generally want to use for sustained growth or if you wish to adhere to Instagram's terms of service.

Unlike those kind of programs, Social Network Elite is not in the business of inflating your follower account by offering you bots and fake followers.

The service works to provide your Instagram account with organic growth. You get real people following your account that are more likely to become loyal fans.

How Does it Work?

Social Network Elite (SNE) takes the information you give them such as account details and your ideal follower and immediately goes to work by:

  • Determining your target audience through an analysis of your account
  • Finding and engaging with potential fans and followers

Here's a more in-depth look at what the service offers:

  • A Team of passionate professionals: The team at SNE are passionate about growing your Instagram page and use innovate techniques to meet your goals.
  • Experts on Engagement: You receive expert help with growing your Instagram page organically.
  • More Free Time for Clients: Clients can go back to working on other important business goals and save time on their social media strategy.
  • Better Lead Generation: The leads generated from SNE are real people who are interested in your brand.

How Much Does it Cost?

The service has several levels of pricing so that brands can choose what they are comfortable with. Starting from $39, each plan offers different features and levels of interaction (though each offer 24/7 support and the option to cancel at any time). Here's a run down of each plan:

  • Apprentice - At $39, the Apprentice plan is the most basic features that are included in every other plan. By choosing this plan, you receive:
    • Low volume interaction
    • Organic Growth
    • Targeted Likes
    • Targeting Based on User Interests
  • Executive - An Executive-level plan offers a higher level of interaction with the addition of comments being left on the posts of targeted accounts.
  • Enterprise - The recommended plan (at $99) offers a more robust set of features:
    • Location Based Targeting
    • Machine Learning Technology
    • Consultations on Content Strategy Through Email
    • Direct Messaging
  • Limitless - The most powerful of all the plans allows for even deeper engagement with:
    • The Addition of Phone Consultation
    • Gender Based Targeting
    • 500 Likes Per Photo

Ready to grow your Instagram account? Get started with Social Network Elite's free 7-Day Trial!

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