Social Media Content Tips: What Should I Post on My Social Channels?

Social Media Content Tips: What Should I Post on My Social Channels

Did you know that there are 4.5 billion social media users across different platforms? Social media is the best place to be when it comes to developing a marketing strategy for your business.

But figuring out what to post and when can be difficult. If you don't post the right content, you could risk losing engagement, which is very bad for business.

Luckily, this article is here to help! Here are some top tips for creating amazing social media content. These ideas will help you stand out and help grow your business.

Tailor Your Social Media Content

Depending on the social channels you use, you'll need to have different types of social media content. For example, Instagram is very photo and video-focused. But Twitter or Facebook tend to favor more text-heavy posts with catchy links. Play around with different social media content ideas to see what does well on each platform.

Here are a few ideas to get you started!


Having a regular series on your channel is a good way to get people coming back to your account. Posting at the same time each day or week builds anticipation for the next episode in your series.


Everyone loves to be in with a chance to win something! Doing giveaways is a good way to get your followers to share and like your posts. This means your content will reach further. Plus, your followers will be happy that you're giving something back to the community.

Live Content

Live content is a fun way to get audiences to interact with your business, even if they can't attend in real life. A bonus of lives is that you can save the video to your feed so people can watch it back afterward.

Reviews and Testimonials 

Reviews and testimonials are a good way of building trust and a reputation. Hearing what real customers thought of you and your services will bring in more business.

Follow Trends and Hashtags

Following trends and hashtags are a good way of keeping your content fresh and relevant. Using popular keywords and hashtags will make your content more searchable.

When planning your content, make a list of events or important days coming up. That way you prepare ahead of time and never miss an opportunity to reach your audience.

Review Previous Post Performance

Most social media platforms will give you insights into how your content is doing. This information is vital to developing your strategy.

It will also show you where your audience is from, as well as gender and age data. This will allow you to hone content to reflect your target audience.

To get the highest engagement, you will need to work out what times and days are the best for your audience. This won't be the same for everyone or even for each platform.

Social media management companies can help you develop your digital marketing strategy. They are experts in reviewing data and can help you to see different patterns in your engagement.

Become a Social Media Pro

Social media content is a vital tool for anyone looking to create a brand or business online. It allows you to connect to a large audience and grow a following of interested customers. Using some of these digital marketing ideas will help you to stand out and create fresh content.

Check out the social media marketing tab if you found this article helpful! There you can find lots of great blogs with business-boosting social media information.

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