How Social Media Ads Have Helped Gambling Companies Grow Their Business in 2020

How Social Media Ads Have Helped Gambling Companies Grow Their Business in 2020

2020 offered a golden opportunity for mobile games to really take off - and that’s exactly what they did. Gambling companies have seen an upward swing in the number of players, with interest continuing to surge. In this post, we'll cover how social media ads have helped gambling companies grow their business in the past year.

Despite the new wave of interest, marketing remains vital. With a considerable amount of operators in the market, getting head and shoulders above competitors is critical. Rather than opting for traditional methods, many gambling companies have turned to social media instead.

Here's a look at how social media ads have helped gambling operators thrive and grow.

Increasing Brand Awareness

Social media is particularly good at creating brand awareness. This is important because when a customer is trying to think of a gambling firm, you want your name to be first. 

This means that social media ads can be slightly different and don't need to have such strong promotional content. Instead, the goal is to make them memorable and arouse curiosity rather than sell a specific deal or product. 

By using social media ads to drive traffic to their profile and subsequently their website, gambling firms are reaping the rewards, albeit in a less conventional way. 

Ripe for Conversion

Speaking to leading casino operator PartyCasino, their marketing manager said that while social media platforms are often dismissed as weak converting opportunities - there have been notable successes in some of their brands for Bingo and for PartyCasino and their Mobile Casino page.

This experience isn't unusual, and operators right across the industry are noticing the same result. Promotions and offers advertised on social media sites such as Facebook incentivize customers to look at the website and sign up for a try. 

What's useful is that it's possible to track social media offers, a metric that reveals the most successful routes for casino firms. Social media may not be the most traditional source for converting interest to customers, but in 2020, it has recorded significant success. 

Use of Video

Casinos, including slot games, and gambling sites often appeal to younger customers, which perfectly ties in with the typical social media audience. Studies consistently show that video scores highly with a younger demographic, and gambling sites used this successfully in 2020. 

Every gambling company should have a presence on YouTube as it's a go-to for many prospective players who want to check the game out. However, less conventional forms of social media shouldn't be overlooked. Sites such as TikTok have been responsible for many viral content and gambling firms who can have some fun with their marketing do well on these channels. It's very different from the past standard marketing campaigns, but word of mouth is a powerful tool, and it's one that works very well on social media. 

Instant Responses

Customers want to feel like they have a personal relationship with the gambling company, and social media makes this possible. With the right social media team, it's possible to engage directly with customers, providing fast responses and even having a conversation in real-time. 

Whether it’s a question, review or feedback, being able to respond quickly and meaningfully to customers creates a stronger connection with your brand, making them far more likely to return.  Hopefully from these examples you have learned how social media ads have helped gambling companies grow their business.

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