The Ultimate Guide on Gambling Affiliate Marketing

The ultimate guide on gambling affiliate marketing

While most people have probably heard of affiliate marketing, few really understand what it is. Affiliate marketing can be a useful method for helping businesses to increase their reach and target the most relevant audiences. Even gambling affiliate marketing can be effective.

But what is an affiliate?

Put simply, an affiliate is an official agreed attachment between two businesses. An affiliate marketer will promote other businesses' products, then when a sale is made because of that link the affiliate will receive some sort of reward. Often this is a commission payment. A tracking system is used to follow and record this process.

They may go through an affiliate network in order to arrange and manage this. The network acts as an intermediary between the two businesses. Additionally, it can be used as a database for the marketer to find which products they would like to promote.

Affiliate marketing in the online gambling industry

One industry that is able to utilize affiliate marketing is the online gambling industry. The online gambling market is hugely competitive and is growing rapidly. In fact, it is predicted annual growth rate is around 8.8% over the next five years.

It is a fragmented market, meaning that there is a high volume of competitors and few dominant players in the industry. As more and more online casinos and betting websites begin operating, consumers have higher expectations. Not to mention a huge variety of games and sites to choose from. In order to retain customers and attract new ones, businesses must identify a unique selling point. Therefore, employing effective marketing tactics is crucial for these businesses.

gambling affiliate marketing

What role do affiliates play for gambling site operators?

Affiliates help gambling operators to target the most relevant target audience. They then encourage them to visit their site, sign up for a membership or play a certain game. The aim is to increase traffic on their website, grow their customer base, and increase revenue.

One example of a way in which an affiliate may work is a casino blogger. An individual may blog about their experiences playing on online casinos and promote a certain site or offering within. They could use referral links or banners to encourage the audience to click through to the online casino.

Another example of an affiliate would be a comparison site. These sites help readers select the best casino site for them. They can even look for sites that offer a particular game such as roulette. A comparison site gives reviews on the top casino sites and the most popular games for players to analyze before picking a site. As money and deposit amounts are also an important aspect of players choosing a casino site, the comparison site will also list the best offers and promotions for each casino site.

There are three ways in which an affiliate can get paid for the traffic they bring to the target website or page:

Cost per acquisition or cost per action (CPA)

Using CPA, the affiliate will get paid when the customer completes a certain action. This could range from just clicking through to the site to actually creating an account and putting down a deposit.

Revenue sharing

An alternative payment method is revenue sharing. Using this method, an affiliate will get a percentage of the casino’s revenue from the customer that was brought to their site. The percentage of revenue will vary between different casino operators. One benefit of this method is that there is more incentive for the affiliate to encourage the customer to complete an action that leads to them spending more money. Especially as the more the customer spends, the more the affiliate will take home too.


It is also possible to combine these payment methods. For instance, they may receive a one off payment for the customer clicking through to the site and putting down a deposit. Then they may receive a revenue percentage when the customer continues to put deposits down and play games on the site.

There are a number of ways affiliates can reach target audiences…

Social media is now one of the most popular sources of traffic for affiliates to utilize. This is due to the high volumes of people on there and the audience targeting features available. However, different social media sites have different rules and regulations when it comes to promotion of gambling. This can also vary between different countries and states. Affiliates must ensure they are aware of the rules and plan their content accordingly. For example, they may not be able to post on their public page about a new online casino promotion, but they may be able to reach out to target audiences through chat features and messenger groups.

social media affiliate marketing

Affiliates with websites that receive a high volume of traffic with a relevant audience can promote on their own site. They may do this within the text of a blog post, or they may use popup banners and native ads.

Affiliate marketing is a great way for casinos to promote to the right audiences. It enables them to reach warm leads who have already shown an interest in related content. For affiliates, participating in this form of marketing allows them to monetize their blogs or social media pages and earn a profit from them.

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