Social Innovation! The First Feature-length Movie Via Instagram

First there was Instagram.  Then Instagram video.  Now, the first full-length feature film via Instgram!


Social media and social media marketing continue to evolve at breakneck speeds!

It was only in late June of 2013 that Instagram announced the addition of video to their mobile app.  Soon after that I wrote a post about business uses for Instagram video for Social Media Examiner.  Since that time businesses like Lowe's and Starbucks have taken video marketing via Instagram to new heights.

Now, however, I've come across the latest innovation in Instagram video, the first full feature-length film entirely filtered with Instagram!

Full-length Movie via Instagram Clips!

Yes, an entire movie created of 15 second video clips, square (not wide screen), and entirely filtered with Instagram!  Why?  Because it's a unique and a new presentation method, AND because it's never been done before!

Novum Productions is well on their way to finishing, DIVISION The Movie.


Click image to view on Instagram >>

When director Cat Muncey (at right) reached out to me, I thought the concept was creative right from the start!

It was something new and innovative, and the clips really made me interested in how the project would be created, and how it would turn out.

NOTE: While currently still in production, the team is offering others a way to get involved and be part of this experience.  More details on this are available at their Kickstarter Project page about the movie and their funding goal.

Here's her intro to the venture (via a Instagram video of course!).

Key Details of the Instagram Film Venture:

as shared by Cat Muncey...

THE VOLUME OF CLIPS:   Over 1,000 Instagram video segments!  To make a 90 minute film composed of only 15 second takes would require, at minimum, 360 Instagram video segments.   In reality, DIVISION will be composed of over 1000+ Instagram videos strategically pieced together because not all takes will be the full 15 seconds.

"HIP TO BE SQUARE":  That's a quote from Cat on the uniqueness of staying within the parameters of the Instagram square video format.

THE EXPERIENCE:   Instead of watching a wide-screen flick, movie-goers will see the action through a square window. As well, at times viewers will view multiple windows when a scene is shown through multiple perspectives at once.

THE MYSTERY:  Because Instagram feeds are composed and edited by the account holder, viewers may not always get the full picture of a character by what he or she shares on social media. This allows for some interesting silent spots within the film that the viewer will have to figure out on their own.

 Learn more:

Interested in learning more about this "first-of-it's-kind" venture integrating a social media tool as the means and mechanism behind a traditional media format?

Want to stay in touch with their progress and opening dates?

Read more on their Kickstarter Project page.

Currently the team has raised over  half ($12,500 and counting!), or nearly 50% of the total $25,000 they are aiming for.

View a "before" video clip..


And view an "after" clip as filtered via Instagram..


Cat Muncey and Team:


So what do you think?  

Are you interested in seeing the first full-length, Instagram filtered movie?


Learn more about Novum Productions and DIVISION The Movie.

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