Graava - The Ultimate Action Camera and Editing Solution

Updated May 2018
Graava - The Ultimate Action Camera and Editing Solution

Shooting hours of video of your buddies in action is fun, editing the video down to the highlights is hard. Introducing the Graava action cam, an alternative to GoPro cameras which gives you all the expected functionality of an auto-edit feature that does all the heavy lifting for you.

What is Graava?

Graava is the first video camera that uses artificial intelligence to edit your best action footage without you barely lifting a finger. The camera, which is barely bigger than a pack of tic-tacs, is winning over fans and impressing critics with its innovative abilities.

How does the Graava turn your raw video into cinematic gold?

The tiny camera uses a light sensor, image sensor, microphones, a gyro sensor and accelerometer to pick the best parts of your footage via an innovative, intelligent algorithm. There's also an optional Bluetooth heart-rate sensor that allows a users' elevated heart rate to help judge the edit-worthy parts. If you're worried it may edit out something you feel is important, you can say "Graava" during filming. The camera makes a note of your verbal override.

Graava Features

The Graava features a battery good for 3 hours of continuous use. Once you've captured your footage at either 1080/30p or 720/60p with the 8-megapixel camera, just connect it via onboard wi-fi and let it upload the best parts to the cloud. You can then access the video via the Graava app, available for both iOS and Android.

It gives you lots of choices when it comes to editing. Distil your film down to fit a certain length, say, for instance, the running time of your favorite song. It also works for Instagram. If you don't like the edits it's made to your footage, you can also access the raw video and edit it yourself.

You can also link multiple Graava cameras giving them the ability to capture the same scene. It'll then ask you for permission to combine the footage, delivering the best scenes from each perspective.

It's in direct competition with GoPro. And with its auto-editing capabilities, has positioned itself as the killer app in action video production.

Use Graava as a baby monitor or a security camera. It features IP67 water resistance rating, a microSD slot, micro HDMI, an integrated speaker and two camera status LEDs. Charging can be done via an included wireless charging port.

The price tag at retail is $400. Which gives it another advantage over the GoPro Hero Black, at $500.


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