Smart Marketing Email Automation Tips

Running an ecommerce business can be quite time consuming. Fortunately, there are a number of tools you can use to automate repetitive processes such as parts of your marketing email effort. These smart email automation tips will help you ensure quality and effectiveness, even after you turn them over to a machine.

The Email Should be Immediately Recognized as your Company

Your customer’s first indication the message is from you will be in their inbox. The name you use in the “From” box when configuring your messages must be immediately familiar to the recipient. This will usually will be your brand name or company name, but if your leader has notoriety—like Rachael Ray, use theirs.

The name you place on the “From” line should also be tied to an email address to which recipients can reply.  Far too often companies have used the “No reply” address and in today's age of personalization it comes off as impersonal and uncaring. Don’t use "No reply"!  You want your customer base to know you’re always accessible.  

Subject Lines Matter

Your subject lines should make the customer curious. After all, the goal is to get them to open the message and click through to your promotion.  Shopify, the leading purveyor of free website themes, offers the following advice for subject lines.

  • Avoid “sale” and other overused words. These types of "salesy" words do not necessarily trigger spam filters, but many subscribers will ignore them.
  • Personalize whenever possible. Include their name in the subject line using the macro features that can insert first names from your lists, and send personalized offers based on user preferences.
  • Variety is the spice of life. Do not reuse the same subject lines, or even similar subject lines but instead be creative with a subject line each time.
  • Keep it brief. Most people nowadays scan their email inboxes, so make it easy on them. Use 50 characters or less.  This should want to make them open the email and know what it is about.
  • Don’t go overboard with promotion. Avoid hype, all caps and exclamation marks. Sell the benefits, but be honest and straightforward about it.
  • Don’t mislead your audience. If your email contains a coupon code for a 10 percent discount code, don’t try to trick them into opening the email by saying something like “Dinner?”
  • Include a sense of urgency whenever possible.

Draw Them In

The contents of the short summary line following the subject line in an inbox holds considerable sway over whether or not your message will be opened. All email automation apps give you the ability to customize this copy. Take advantage of it to tease your offer. Remember, the goal is to generate excitement and compel the recipient to open the message.

Make Your Point

Guide them straight to your call to action when you get their attention. The best way to do this is to focus the message on one specific task and make it so attractive they can’t resist. Examples include the offer of a substantial discount, being the first to get an item, or jumping on a deal before it expires.

Keep It Moving

With the majority of online users accessing email from mobile devices, your message must be configured to look good on a small screen. The mobile viewing experience is way different than that of a desktop machine.

Fortunately, most email automation apps are capable of formatting the message’s layout based upon the size of the screen upon which it’s being displayed.

Still, run a test before you broadcast the message so you can see it on as many different types of devices as you can round up. At minimum, you want to make sure it plays well on iPhone and Android devices.

With so many different demands on your time, delegation is a necessity, regardless of the nature of your business. These smart marketing email automation tips will help you ensure your promotional efforts remain effective, even as you assign them to an application.

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