Understanding Marketing Automation

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Chances are, you own or run a business or you plan on starting one soon. Whichever part of the spectrum you find yourself, you will need to know about the ingredient that drives business growth: marketing.

Here’s why: There’s simply no true business growth without marketing. As the saying goes, “doing business without advertising is like winking at a lady in the dark.” No wonder a company like Coca Cola spent $3.96 billion in 2017 on advertising alone. If you want your business to thrive and succeed, then you’ll have to be big on marketing; not just any kind of marketing but marketing that is effective and yields results.

In an age where traditional marketing has lost its bite, it’s important for every business to get on the automation bandwagon. What a business can accomplish with manual and traditional marketing is light years behind what marketing automation brings to the table.

What is Marketing Automation?

Let’s cut to the chase here. Marketing automation is a software platform that helps you automate your marketing and sales engagement to generate more leads, seal more deals, and correctly measure marketing progress. With an automation tool, marketing channels such as emails, blog posts, social media campaigns become incredibly easy.

The key is finding an automation tool that can automate several activities at once.

Why Automation?

Unfortunately, you really have no choice. You have to join the automation train. Imagine you have a sneaker business. In the beginning, you might send individuals emails or pitch to people in person. You might be able to handle your social media campaigns by yourself.

However, if the business scales, there’s no way you are going to be able to handle the marketing alone. Employees might provide some help for some time but soon enough you will realize that only automation can really help the business grow.

That is why close to 67% of marketing leaders have taken to marketing automation. And in two years, a further 21% on marketing leaders have set their sights on joining them.

How Can Marketing Automation Help Me?

Marketing automation is all about making life simple for you and your business. It ensures that you don’t break your back or break the bank trying to market your products. Here are three ways automation can be a savior to your business:

  1. It saves you time and resources: Can you imagine how many people you’d need to hire if you needed to reach ten thousand people? Just think about the amount of time and resources that would have to be committed into such a campaign. But with automation, reaching tens of thousands of people is just a click away.
  2. It removes human errors that can affect your company. With marketing automation, you are guaranteed consistency of message and experience.
  3. Automation helps you to effectively monitor the progress of your business. Indicators like ROI, engagement, lead generation are all made available to ensure you can strategize and plan effectively.

How to Automate Your Marketing

To properly automate your marketing, you will have to do extensive research. There are several companies that provide automation services but you must carefully peruse their track record, the offer and services they render as well as their commitment to the growth of your business. Often things get more technical, so if you are a business owner with little knowledge in this area, trust your marketing personnel to deliver on this.

For instance, you’ll encounter abbreviations such as CRM. CRM simply refers to Customer Relationship Management software. While often used interchangeably, CRM is different from marketing automation. CRM software often saves details such as name, addresses, phone numbers etc. while marketing automation software focuses on the behavior, patterns, and preferences of each client.

While CRM software is useful, it is more beneficial when used with marketing automation software. One of the leading CRM software is Microsoft dynamics CRM. Imagine having Microsoft dynamics CRM + marketing automation, what incredible things you can accomplish!

In Conclusion

Don’t let marketing break your back. Let the right software or tools handle your marketing for you. That is the only way your business can scale and be efficient in its marketing activities.


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