Should you Outsource SEO Copywriting with Content Fuel?

Outsource SEO Copywriting with Contentfuel

Content is still king. Every experienced digital marketer knows as much. You need content to engage existing customers, educate your audience, promote products, and break into new markets, among other uses.

As such, the need for quality content cannot be overstated. You need content that connects with your target audience, convinces readers, and converts leads. Above all, you need content that delights customers and promotes loyalty.  To accomplish this sometimes you may want to hire a content writer.

Content Fuel is a new content writing service that seeks to address the content gap by providing brands with quality, customized content at affordable rates.

But is it worth it? Far too often do we come across content writing platforms that promise heaven only to fail clients at their hour of need. Is Content Fuel different? The following review should help you make an informed decision.

What is Content Fuel?

Content Fuel is a professional SEO writing service. It primarily provides search-engine-optimized content writing services for marketers and brands.

It also offers;

  • Ghostwriting services
  • Article writing services
  • Blog writing services
  • Email newsletter writing
  • Infographic development

How Does it Work?

It’s a straightforward process. The first step is to sign up with Content Fuel after which you can start submitting content requests.

Content requests are forms describing the type of content you want. Make sure you’re detailed enough to avoid revisions. The good news is that you can use the same content request for a large content writing project covering multiple documents over an extended period.

Upon receiving your content request, the Content Fuel team assigns your work to a qualified writer that perfectly fits your description. Then the writer gets to work. The typical turnaround is 48-72 hours, depending on the amount and complexity of the work.

You can communicate with the writer throughout the writing period. This gives you the opportunity to provide further instructions and resources and keeps you and the writer on the same page throughout. It also allows you to get progress reports.

You’ll get the first draft within the allotted time and can discuss revisions and edits with the writer where applicable. Revisions are also completed within a defined period, typically 24 to 48 hours.

Once all revisions are completed and you’re happy with the article, you can accept the work and automatically release the writer’s pay. Clients can download their articles or upload them directly to their websites and blogs.

Key Features

  • Plagiarism-free, SEO content: Content Fuel boasts vetted writers, built-in SEO and grammar tools, and plagiarism checkers to ensure high-quality content.
  • A dedicated writer and account manager: Each client gets a specific writer and account manager for the project’s duration.
  • Cancel subscription at any time: You can cancel your membership whenever you want, without losing any money in the process.
  • Content scheduling: You can use Content Fuel’s built-in publishing tools to schedule when your content pieces go live.

Who Can Use Content Fuel?

Content Fuel is for;

  • Small business owners
  • Digital marketers
  • SEO agencies

Pricing and Plans

Content Fuel offers three pricing plans to essentially hire a content writer, i.e., the starter pack, professional package, and agency package.

  • Starter pack ($389): The starter pack is limited to 4,000 words a month or a maximum of 6-8 blogs, which is what the average blog needs.
  • Professional package ($689): The professional package has a 10,000-word or 15 to 20 blogs monthly limit.
  • Agency package ($1,299): The Agency package limits clients to 20,000 words or 30-40 blogs per month.


Content Fuel looks to be a very good content outsourcing platform. Their pricing approach is unique, the content quality is good, and the prices are very enticing. You should certainly consider it for your SEO copywriting needs.

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