A Review of File Sharing

A Review of File Sharing, a cloud storage company, has rave reviews for its strong security and unmatched user privacy. But, is it the best cloud storage service as people claim? Here, we look at an overview of the platform, its key features, and pricing.

A Brief Overview

Based in Toronto, was founded in 2011. The service was created to help small businesses store, share, and access files and folders effortlessly from anywhere around the world. also serves as a collaboration platform, allowing users and clients to work together on projects, similar to how Dropbox and Google Drive function.

Key Features

While not the biggest name out there, boasts several useful and unique features. In some cases even providing better services than the more established platforms. Here are a few of the platform's standout features;

  • Basic cloud storage

    Being a cloud storage service, allows users to store large files and later retrieve the files via a web browser, mobile app or desktop software. Cloud storage platforms are also supposed to provide users with additional storage beyond the limits of their hard drive. provides users with up to 2TB of storage.

  • File sharing and syncing

    To facilitate collaboration, allows users to sync content across multiple devices for easier and faster sharing. Put simply; it doesn’t matter the device your client or co-worker uses. Once a file is uploaded, they can instantly access it on any device, in real-time. You can also invite specific clients/co-workers to check out and make edits to a document.

  • Top-of-the-line security uses 2048-bit RSA as well as 256-bit AES, SSL, and TLS encryption to secure your files and data. For maximum security, encryption is done both on the client and server side, when the data is at rest as well as when files are in transit. Furthermore, the platform uses what is known as zero-knowledge encryption to prevent anyone, even employees, from accessing your files.

  • Roll back changes

    The majority of small businesses are concerned about losing documents in case of data breaches or natural disasters. If this were to happen, allows you to roll back changes made to your files by up to 30 days. And, that is just the basic version. With Pro, deleted files remain available forever.

  • Other features

    Aside from these features, provides; excellent user support (online and offline), a vault service for cloud only storage, selective syncing, and Android and iOS mobile apps.


When you sign up for a account, you’ll get a Starter Plan with 5GB of Free storage. After that, you can choose to purchase either the Pro Personal or Pro Business plan.

  • The Pro Personal Plan

    Costs $8/mo, billed annually and is designed for individual users.

  • The Pro Business Plan

    Costs $5/mo per user, also billed annually and is designed for multiple users. Both plans carry a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Final Thoughts

Everything considered is worth the costs. It’s secure, easy to use, and comes packed with incredible features that make businesses a lot easier. If you’re in the market for a reliable file sharing cloud service, should be considered for sure.

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