The 5 Most Secure Cloud Storage Providers for Your Business

The 5 Most Secure Cloud Storage Providers for Your Business - 315

Cloud storage services are dime a dozen and most of them offer a tremendous amount of convenience and security for a low price. While some of them provide ample storage, others provide value-added features for a higher price. Security aspects are however paramount for cloud storage and some of the providers are good at providing secure solutions. If you are interested in specific cloud video hosting, then click that link.

Here are the 5 best cloud storage providers from a security point of view.

Zoolz Cloud Backup

The cloud backup solution from Zoolz is one of the leading solutions in the market. Here are some of its notable features:

Zoolz has a feature called the Tribrid backup which gives you access to three different types of backup.

  • Instant storage gives you backup facilities for storing critical data that needs to be made available on demand.
  • Cold Storage gives you storage for large volumes of data that rarely needs to be accessed.
  • Local Storage gives you the ability to make a local copy of files for superfast recovery. You can select which data to store on which types of storage.

Security aspects are prominently taken care of. 256 AES encryption is used to encrypt data prior to upload and stored on Amazon servers, which are also 256 AES encrypted.

Zoolz also supports on the fly repeat encryption of files after they have been edited online. It also supports password protection for folders and files, expiration date setting for downloads and delivery notifications upon access, to confirm safe delivery.

OpenDrive Business

The Business plan is a competitive storage plan from OpenDrive. Some of its key features are:

  • The ability to sync up files across computers and accounts by creating a VPN between computers.
  • The ability to elegantly share folders or files of any size with anyone using links. Folder links can be used to share multiple files which permits anyone to download complete folders in zip format and upload files to folders.
  • OpenDrive offers online integration with Office which allows you to create folders or new documents from within Open Drive without requiring any additional software to be installed. Up to 17 different file formats are supported and file versioning gives you the ability to restore back to any historic file version.

In terms of security-related functionality, activity notifications for modification, trashing and upload of files are supported. Also, user management functionality allows you to grant permissions to users to edit or view specified folders.

OpenDrive gives you complete access to activity logs that allow you to monitor user and file activity.


Cubbit offers secure, scalable cloud storage — at 80% less than AWS/Google/Azure. Below are the key benefits of its geo-distributed cloud storage:

    1. Protect from localized disasters: every data you store on Cubbit is encrypted, fragmented, and replicated across the peer-to-peer network.
    2. Next-gen solution for ransomware data recovery: Cubbit protects your data with encryption, versioning, immutability, and access controls.
    3. Save 80% vs. traditional cloud storage: you only pay a transparent price for the storage and bandwidth you use. No hidden costs, no surprise bills.
    4. Geo-fence your data with maximum compliance: the service offers the highest industry standard for durability (99.999999999%) and compliance (GDPR, ISO, CCPA, and AGID).
    5. Integrate seamlessly with your workflow: from Veeam to QNAP/Synology. Thanks to S3 compatibility, you just need to change your endpoint to deploy on Cubbit in an instant.

You can activate a cardless, 30-day free trial of Cubbit here.

Just Cloud

Just Cloud is a leading cloud storage solution. Here are some of its features:

  • With Just Cloud, you can choose which folders and files to sync across which devices and the solution automatically syncs the chosen files.
  • Just Cloud supports all mobile devices.
  • The solution supports many advanced sharing options for folders and files. The functions allow you to invite the people with whom the files or folders are to be shared, by custom links, email, Twitter or Facebook. This works out brilliantly particularly for sharing large files.
  • Security aspects are well taken care of. All data is encrypted at high grade 256 grade before transfer and storage.


Box has been recognized as a leader in cloud-based solutions for Enterprise file sharing and synchronization by Gartner. Security aspects are among the best in the business. Here are some of its prominent features:

  • Box provides the technical, physical and administrative safeguards necessary to support HIPAA compliance. It is also certified with EU and Swiss safe harbour frameworks for personal data collection and usage.
  • Box supports over 50 different reports to track account activity, settings changes and file access. Tracking of IP addresses and timestamps is also supported.
  • You can choose and set permissions for access, editing, preview and sharing from seven levels in all.
  • Data is encrypted with high-grade TLS during transfers and 256 bit AES for storage
    Customer managed encryption keys are supported.


MozyPro for Business is among the most advanced cloud data protection solutions available. Here are some of its excellent features:

  • Automatic backup is enabled with scheduled backups made possible through the day if needed.
  • MozySync automatically syncs your documents across all your devices and makes them available on Android and iOS devices too.
  • All servers are supported including Mac, Linux and Windows servers. Virtual machines such as VMWare vSphere and Hyper V are also supported.
  • MozyPro is certified with the SOC1 SSAE16 Type 2 and ISO27001 standards. Data is encrypted with 256 bit AES or 448bit Blowfish standards for transfers and storage. All connections are made via Secure SSL protocol which ensures that your data stays safe during transfers.You also have the option to use a completely confidential personal key or corporate key.
  • MozyPro is also certified as a business associate for HIPAA compliance

Bio: Mauricio is the lead Cloud expert at, a data and user feedback driven comparison engine for cloud storage, online backup and VPN apps and services. In addition, He also loves producing educational videos and reviews to help people get the best services for their needs. Get in touch with him on LinkedIn.

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