Reopening Checklist: Is Your Business Ready to Rumble Once the Lockdown Is Lifted?

Reopening Checklist: Is Your Business Ready to Rumble Once the Lockdown Is Lifted?

For any business that made it through the shock of the coronavirus, it won’t be too long before things are reopening in an entirely new environment. Life after lockdown is something that is new and anything but normal. With social distancing measures in place, masks becoming the new norm, and the threat of a recession now is the time to make a plan and develop a reopening checklist for what to do to be ready for life after lockdown.

Make a Plan for Social Distancing

It is possible to visit the website to learn more about operating a business after the lockdown, but some other tips to help with this can be found here. This is especially important with social distancing still being recommended around the country.

The chances are that most people have seen the measures that retail locations have put in place for protecting shoppers and their employees. Does this mean that all businesses should follow this trend? There are a few options to consider.

It is possible to limit the total number of customers in the building. This is possible by allowing access by appointment only, increasing the space between customers, and preparing to manage possible queues. It may also be necessary to change the business’s working hours and offering no-contact shopping options.

Make Touch Areas & Hygiene a Top Priority

Every business, regardless of size or industry, has a crucial role when it comes to preventing the resurgence or the spread of coronavirus. Hands-free approaches, access control, and improved hygiene are all important.

One way to put hygiene at the top of the priority list is by increasing cleaning. Take time to clean all public spaces and work areas properly. This is particularly important for high-touch areas, like door handles and handrails.

Controlling access is another important consideration. It is a good idea to use signs to discourage and prevent unauthorized personnel or individuals from accessing the property. It is also necessary to put a hygienic process in place to receive any deliveries or goods. Utilizing protective screens may also be necessary and should be considered for your reopening checklist.

Consider Employees

It does not matter if employees are desperate to get to work or not; they will likely be concerned about coming back. Consider how to prepare them properly, and the workplace, for the charge.

There are a few steps that any employer can take to help improve working conditions for employees. For example, they can add more space to each staff member, such as desks. It is also a good idea to use the meeting rooms temporarily to help spread people out from one another. Using staggering lunch breaks is also a smart move; this ensures that employees are not all in the break room at the same time.

Other steps that can be taken include increasing hygiene measures and providing protective equipment if needed. Sometimes, staggering shifts for employees is a smart move. This will minimize the number of people in the building at a time.

Is it Time to Reopen?

When it comes to a business, knowing when to reopen is key. Along with knowing when to reopen, it is good to learn more about what to do when reopening and options to keep working remotely. Keeping workers and customers safe should be a top priority. The tips here will help ensure this is possible.