Real-Time Collaboration Through Online Whiteboards-4 Advantages

Real-Time Collaboration Through Online Whiteboards-4 Advantages

For most of the organizations, it has always been extremely challenging to collaborate in real-time across great distances. However, with the advent of online platforms like interactive whiteboards, they can now bring teams together in dramatic ways while enjoying the benefits ranging from monetary savings to conveniently organizing the teams.

Over the years, it is seen that individual team members work remotely, whether it is across the city, the country, or even the globe. Online whiteboards effectively diminish the boundaries and provide an efficient way so that dispersed team members can actively participate and communicate with each other to reach a consensus.

Improved Communication

With the increasing transformations in the corporate world, more employees work from home, while traveling or from different countries. To ensure productivity, it is very essential to maintain proper communication within the team. Conducting meetings, exchanging ideas, conduction training, etc. used to be done through emails and phone calls. Online interactive whiteboard fulfills the demand for more effective communication for corporate meetings, training, and remote learning.

The participants can effectively communicate with the features included in the online whiteboard. Within the whiteboard, you can also use tools to add and edit texts, highlight texts and pictures, add various types of files, and even use mathematical equations and diagrams as required. Besides, a real-time whiteboard allows you to take notes or mark up images, share data, and chat with your peers.

Cost Saving

The costs involved in various arrangements like flight tickets, hotel charges, meeting setups, and installation of resources often go high, which is beyond your control. An online whiteboard allows you to collaborate in real-time through the internet, consequently eliminating the need to spend those large amounts of money. As such, you can save a lot by using a whiteboard while ensuring effective collaboration.

Convenient Project Management

Project management has always been a difficult task with the inclusions of long-chain emails, workflow updates, to-do lists, and resource storage which often grows to immensely complex proportions.

You can use an online whiteboard to effectively execute project management tasks and make them simpler through real-time collaboration. You can store all the documents and communications in a single, universally accessible location.

Creative tools

Digital whiteboards contribute to team productivity through the variety of designer tools they have. Many offer template libraries with pre-designed outlines and blueprints, applicable for any purpose - from organizing remote workshops or brainstorming sessions to managing projects and employees.

Online whiteboards smooth the way for design thinking. Whatever idea you have, try a mind map-making tool, like Weje, and wrap up thoughts in a neat scheme within just a couple of minutes. Or - upload media on a canvas and create professionally-looking mood boards, prototypes, ice-breakers, etc.

Similar to the physical whiteboard, you can use its digital alternative to draw and leave sticky notes. This is particularly helpful when you do simultaneous edits with colleagues or have to share the screen while presenting something during a meeting. Because modern digital canvases support all file types, you can add onto them not only text or images, but also - emojis, GIFs, and videos. Thus, no matter what you present, it will definitely look more attention-grabbing.

Team Organization

A collaborative digital environment might consist of several individuals who work together; however, they do not necessarily have to be in a common region. For example, when providing training to native Japanese speakers, the trainer could be a resident of Tokyo. At the same time, 5 of the trainees could be located in Sapporo, Osaka, Naha, Nara, and Hiroshima.

So, you can always optimize a team in terms of keeping the best members possible, considering the remote team concept, rather than keeping those who live in a convenient region.

Final Thoughts

Technology has led to so many amazing tools to get the advantages of visual thinking and collaboration. One such invention in the form of an online whiteboard have opened an entirely new pattern of real-time virtual collaboration.

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