3 Reasons To Use WordPress Themes For Your Next Mobile App

You may think that WordPress is just that platform used to create blogs, however, you would be wrong. Keeping pace with the technological developments of our era, WordPress has become a multifaceted content management system, with over 24 percent of the internet using the platform. Part of this growth has been WordPress integration into the mobile world, providing a number of themes that assist in easy use and appealing interfaces for mobile apps and websites. So why use WordPress themes? Check out these quick reasons why a WordPress theme is beneficial to the development of your mobile app.

1. Customization

One of the most outstanding features of WordPress is its user-friendliness. Not only is it free to download, install and modify, but its step-by-step interface means that you don't need a programmer or tech professional to navigate your mobile app. In addition, WordPress has a diverse thematic offering. With thousands of free and paid themes to choose from, WordPress is a simple way to attach a user-friendly theme to your mobile app. Also, most themes have an options tab that allows you to personalize the theme, including a change of color, sliding features, logos, and a company background.

Research shows that app downloads peak at about 50 to 60 per device and that users don't download an app for a brand that they rarely interact with. Bearing this in mind, WordPress be imperative to the success of a mobile app as you can ensure that the interface and design is in line with company colors, values, and the interests of your customer. For example, if your an online shopping company, you may decide to customize your theme so that it's simple and uncluttered, knowing that your customers will be looking for easy maneuvering around the app.

2. Responsiveness

When adapting your desktop site to a mobile device or creating an app, making sure your interface adapts to the smaller screen can be vital to its success. As a frequent mobile site and app user, there is almost nothing more annoying than having to zoom out on every page and then zoom in to click on something because everything is created for a large desktop screen. As a brand, it is important to keep this in mind to avoid frustrating your mobile app users. Many WordPress themes already have built-in responsiveness, meaning it's foundation has a fluid grid system that allows your website to automatically adapt to any viewing environment. Smartphones have become such a prominent part of everyday life. iPhones in particular, including the latest Apple iPhone 7 Plus, are used by so many people for research, shopping and travel. In fact, according to a study conducted by Morgan Stanley, mobile browser and app use has surpassed desktop use. Therefore, it may even be smart to start with a mobile theme and use WordPress's responsiveness to easily integrate onto desktops and other viewing platforms.

3. Supported Plug-ins

WordPress also offers a wide variety of plug-ins. After choosing your theme and customizing it to suit your customers, plug-ins provide that extra level of personalization that can really make your brand's mobile app stand out. With thousands of free and paid options to choose from, WordPress plug-ins can add extra functionalities, like e-commerce, and provide your customers with the user experience that suits your brand and its products or services.

Mobile internet has become such a big part of society and, as brands, it is important that user-friendly and personal apps are created to suit this market. WordPress themes offer the customization and ease-of-use that make mobile apps simple to create and valuable to the overall customer experience.

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