How To Pick The Perfect LMS For Your Compliance Training Needs

How To Pick The Perfect LMS For Your Compliance Training Needs

Finding the right cloud-based LMS solution to either replace your conventional methods of compliance training or to upgrade your current LMS is crucial to meet the learning needs of your organization.  There are a number of significant features that you should keep in mind before picking a LMS for your compliance training needs. It is important to consider these features because unlike traditional methods, cloud-based can be a little challenging when it comes to engaging learners for corporate compliance training.

Training providers are spoilt with a myriad of LMS options that the Internet today is flooded with. It might get a little overwhelming for many. However, keeping the following points in mind that are mentioned below will help one pick the perfect LMS for their training needs. 

Features to consider when choosing the right LMS for your corporate’s compliance training 

  • Tracking and reporting 

One thing that you should ensure when choosing the LMS for your organization’s training is its ability to track data and curate a report. This will help you monitor course completions and provide feedback on the areas of improvement to your employees. 

When it comes to compliance training, it is best to choose a vendor that can automate this procedure to record the data at regular intervals. As per the iSpring reviews, it is one of the best ones to avail of this feature. iSpring LMS helps to streamline reporting, thus allowing users to check for any issues in the initial stages of the training and mitigate the risk. 

  • Role-specific groups 

Not every training is for everyone. Every department or role in an organization is eligible for only specific courses and training. To make this easier, you should consider an LMS that offers the feature of categorizing courses into various groups based on roles, etc. 

Furthermore, you can assign a manager to track each group, thus adding another stream of oversight. This will help to monitor the progress of each team and align the training with looming deadlines. 

  • SCORM compliant system 

SCORM or Sharable Content Object Reference Model is a group of specifications and standards that have been set for cloud-based learning. These standards act as communication between client-side content and the vendor, which is an LMS. 

Make sure that your LMS is in compliance with the SCORM standards as the results that are produced from the SCORM courses are widely recognized. 

  • Diversified browser access 

One problem that cloud-based LMS has solved is to not disrupt the services of the company when employees are asked to be involved in compliance training in the middle of their assigned jobs. In order to keep this true, it is best to opt for an LMS that will work on every device, irrespective of the screen size. 

This will help learners to complete their training with the help of their, say mobile phones, even in the comfort of their homes. 

  • Reminders 

When choosing an LMS for your compliance training, make a note that the LMS that you are opting for has a feature to automate notifications vis a vis everyone who needs to be contacted is, at the right time. It is one of the significant features in the progress of your learners.

  • Certifications 

A training without any form of certification will further add to the challenges of keeping the learner engaged. Pick an LMS that automatically awards certification to those who complete their learning and training successfully. 

Moreover, an LMS should also offer recertifications and carry out a process to notify the learner about the expiration date of their certificate. 


Choosing the right LMS for your compliance training can be a tedious task but it is necessary to look for certain features. It is best to ponder over all the features that are required well in advance to align the investment in an LMS with your business outcomes. 

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