Reflecting on…”How To Grow Like A Fern”

I’m currently reflecting on this blog post from the SAMBA Blog at  “Effort counts.”  I like that.  Remaining in the place of discomfort often does provide growth.  It is stretching and builds fortitude within.  Not easy, though, because it always look greener on the other side. “Battling the desire to flee counts.”  Perseverance must […]

Cozy is the enemy of Action…

Good statement to reflect on from SAMBA ( – Mike Gingerich Cozy is the enemy of action. Waking up in the morning, all snuggled down in the covers, it’s so tempting to never come out of your warm and cozy cocoon. You feel like nothing can get to you there.  All is right with the […]

Top 10 Mistakes Leaders Make

The Top 10 Mistakes Leaders Make is a good read.  It’s been around for a while but I recommend it as a tool to keep you sharp and to help you grow as a leader.  Below is a summary I put together from this book by Hans Finzel.    – Enjoy, Mike Gingerich The Top Ten […]

Must Read for Social Media Marketing Folks..

This is a great Whitepaper report with data and information on trends in social media marketing.  I am digging through it and will be reviewing it multiple times! Michael A. Stelzner, published author and founder of WhitePaperSource, has released a great report on the best tools to use for and the benefits of social marketing. […]

Stanford’s Entrepreneurship Corner: Larry Page, Google – Tips for the Entrepreneur

Video Clip from Standford U’s Entrepreneurship Corner. Larry Page giving tips. I especially like point #1 and believe it is VERY important to long-term success. You HAVE to have good people that you can connect with. Look at the cycle of Terrell Owens in football for proof that talent without the ability to collaborate ultimately […]

10 Ways to Effectively Write Content and Use Keywords for SEO

Good content on SEO writing from my partner in Fort Wayne and our Digital Hill office SEO guru… Always keep in mind the number one rule in SEO:  Whatever you do on your website you do it for the user first.  The biggest mistake I see people make when executing any type of SEO strategy […]

A good word…We will be mistreated at times, but we have the opportunity to choose our response. The High Road PrincipleBy Dr. John C. Maxwell “It’s nothing personal; it’s just business,” is a commonly heard phrase in the workplace. However, I tend to disagree with anyone who tries to impersonalize business. At its heart, commerce […]

Bethel Pilots Advance in NAIA Tourney

I always like to stay up-to-date on my alma mater’s basketball team.  Bethel has a first round win under their belt now and I’m hoping for good things in the days ahead.  I think they have a good shot at a national title this year. Here’s the article brief: Pilots Cruise In Tournament Opener Bethel […]

Elkhart Makes MSNBC News

Not necessarily the way we want to make news but Elkhart County is back in the national news as “the town that Obama visited” where “Food caravan” stops. Here’s the excerpt and Link: Food caravan stops in hard-hit county In this job-starved city that President Barack Obama visited last month, hundreds of volunteers – and […]

SEO Tips from Mike Gingerich

Here’s a number of SEO tips I’ve picked up along the way and a link to the full article… Search Engine Optimization: Keyword Introduction and On-page Factors Following Search Engine Guidelines will Increase Your Rankings Webmasters and search engine optimizers often search for ways to get their site better indexed and improve their rankings.  You […]