Stage 3 Web 'Closure Content'

Creating Sales Funnel ‘Closure Content’ to Get the Sale

Offering information on your products and services on the world wide web has enabled thousands of companies to expand from only local sales to national and sometimes even global. The key is having a content funnel strategy for your website and blog, and the end goal is converting more visitors into customers through a intentional […]

Content, content, content…Content Marketing World – Top Takeaways

I just returned from Content Marketing World in Cleveland, Ohio where I spent a few power-packed days with over 1200 fellow digital strategists, bloggers, and online marketers.  I always find it helpful to recap some of my top learnings so that they go deeper in my psyche, and what better way to do it than a blog […]

Facebook Sales Pipeline Strategy [INFOGRAPHIC]

Facebook provides marketers with tremendous opportunity to connect with their target audience. With over 1.15 billion users, and those Facebook users on average spending an incredible 7 hours +/- per month on the network (as compared to less than 7 minutes on Google +, Mashable 5/2013), Facebook is a place to intersect with people that […]

How to Setup the New Gmail Tabs

Gmail made some serious changes recently within the Gmail interface. The new tab structure can be a valuable way to sort your email.  It can also be a barrier to viewing the email that you once did! Here’s the low down and how to setup the tabs to work in your favor. If you use […]

The Rise of Social Media [STATS INFOGRAPHIC]

The rise and massive use of social media is unprecedented!  Take a look at these stats on how things have changed in the last 5 years! When did you join Facebook?  For me, I was in the first 200 million back in 2007!  Add your join date below in the comments!  Let’s see if anyone […]

Increase your Sales through Solving Problems

Problem solving content makes sense for any business seeking to sell on the Internet because it answers the question of “why?” that so many businesses have.  When a visitor comes to your site and asks themselves, “why should I consider using this?” and then your content shows a problem they can relate with and how […]

Andrea Vahl and Mike Gingerich Podcast

Facebook Contest Promotion Policy Changes – Ideas and Perspective with Andrea Vahl

Podcast Episode #6 2013 This Halftime Mike Podcast episode with special guest Andrea Vahl dives into the Facebook promotion policy change opening up contest promos to be run in the news feed.  As a author on Facebook Marketing, international speaker, and blogger, Andrea knows Facebook and joins Mike to talk about the recent changes. Andrea […]

What the New Timeline Contest Option Means for Marketers

It’s a change for sure. It’s an opportunity as well. Does it end the need for contest tools to be run on tabs? No. It’s simply another tool in the marketing toolbox that savvy marketers can use! The new Timeline Contests opportunity, based on Facebook Promotion Policy Change, (read more on TabSite blog ) loosens […]

How to Drive More Social Traffic to your Website

Simply having information about your company on your company website is not in itself a complete sales and marketing plan.  Companies need to have content on their site that meets the needs of different types of visitors.  Content for those that just arrive and know little about your company; content for those who have some […]

8 Facebook Contest Success Tips INFOGRAPHIC

Facebook Contests offer great opportunities to help a Facebook page grow, reach more people, and generate leads. Contests have the ability to draw visitors to a Facebook page and when used correctly, can be a very valuable tool to accomplish engagement and lead capture objectives.   CONTESTS CAN: Drive Traffic Grow your Email List Increase “Likes” of […]