Why Online Faxing Is the Best Choice

Why Online Faxing Is the Best Choice

Businesses use a variety of business services to complete daily operations. They need business phones, networks, and fax options. When setting up the services, the business owner reviews the features, benefits, and total costs. Online fax services are beneficial options that many companies need. They can send full documents faster to business partners and customers.

The services are more convenient for companies that send contracts and documents each day. Online faxing is much different than traditional fax services. Businesses can get the services for a more controlled cost and lower their operational and overhead expenses. Fax services are fast and manage larger volumes of data safely and securely. 

Complies With All Standards and Regulations

The fax services must comply with all standards and regulations, and the service providers assess the services on an ongoing basis. They ensure that the services offer a HIPAA compliant fax opportunity and protect all confidential customer data.

Fax services must be encrypted to prevent outsiders from seeing any data transmitted online or through the fax services. If any data is stolen through the faxes, the company and the service provider are liable. By remaining compliant, no one is at risk of identity theft or heavy penalties for leaked information.  

Saves Money and Time

Businesses save money and time by choosing online fax services. They won't need to buy a fax machine or the expensive paper the machines use. The owner can pay a flat-rate fee based on how many faxes they send or receive in a month.

The services do not require them to scan documents through a fax machine. They can upload documents from their devices and send them anywhere in the world. Workers send faxes without waiting in line to use a fax machine and stay more productive.  

Keeps All Documents in One Place

The business sets up a user account through the service provider for their fax services. All records of the faxes the company sends or receives remain in the user account. The owner can review the documents, the fax time, and other details about each of their faxes. The service gives them a thorough record of all faxes and documents sent from the company or its workers. It is an easier way to confirm when and where the business sent a fax. 

Why Online Faxing Is the Best Choice

Send Faxes from All Covered Devices

Companies and their workers use a variety of devices to send and receive faxes. This makes it easier to send the faxes to the correct worker each time. Workers with proper credentials sign into the company account and manage faxes. The business sets up individual accounts for workers and gives them access according to their security clearance. The owner blocks access to specific documents as needed. 

Administrators establish connections for workstations, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Workers sign into their accounts from any of their devices. The service provider can establish connections for all workers according to the company's needs. 

Enabling Electronic Signatures

Many businesses use fax services to send legal documents and contracts to partners and clients. They need signatures on these documents quickly, and fax services could provide faster access. The services enable companies to use electronic signatures for documents. The company won't have to wait for the recipient to make a copy of the signed document and send it back. 

The electronic signature software allows the recipient to sign the documents online and send the document back immediately. The service provider offers a connection to the software to verify the signature and create legally binding documents. The business receives a copy of the signed document after it is received through the service.  

Limited Set-Up Time

The online fax services need zero downtime, and it is set up in minutes. The business sets up services with the service provider and gets login credentials. They set up their user account to include key workers who need access. The workers receive their login credentials through the service provider or a network administrator. 

The business won't need additional equipment or supplies to use the services. The workers sign in from any device approved by the company. The network administrator monitors the connections to the online fax services.  

Robust Security Protocols

Online fax services use robust security protocols to protect business documents and confidential data. The services operate through secured socket layers and high-grade encryption. The workers and owners enter information through a secured webpage. The service provider's security team monitors connections and ensures there aren't any security risks. 

The service provider mitigates risks through the network and prevents cyber attacks. The entire system is protected by robust security schemes and blocks unauthorized access. Users must have a validated and verified user account to sign onto the service. After the business pays their fees, they have access to the services and can use all features.  

A Local Fax Number for the Business

After setting up the services, the service provider assigns a fax number for the business. When sending or receiving faxes, the business uses this number. It gives the business more credibility and encourages customers and businesses to send or receive faxes from the number. 

The number is local according to the company's physical location. If they want to send or receive faxes internationally, the service provider offers international fax numbers. The business chooses a number when setting up its online fax services.  

Businesses need online faxing services that provide them with functionality, speed, and heightened security. The business services are available at a flat-rate fee according to how many faxes the company sends or receives each month. The costs are easier to control and help businesses to decrease spending. Larger volumes of data arrive in less time, and the services comply with HIPAA standards and IT regulations. 

The companies get electronic signatures for legal documents and contracts in minutes. The services make it easier to get documents faster and improve worker productivity. By reviewing the benefits of the services, businesses see they could get more out of online services and avoid all the shortcomings of traditional services.

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