How To Keep Your Event Venue Safe

How To Keep Your Event Venue Safe

“Fire in the hotel suffocated many to death.” “Audit shows multiple security breaches in venue entrance.” Triggering news headlines like these send warning signs to event venue managers about the condition of their facility. Such incidents raise several questions like, are the venues safe to host an event? Do they comply with the commercial safety standards? 

Facility managers have to take care of several things to ensure the safety and security of event venues. Breaches in security put many lives at risk and degrade your reputation. You don’t want to be the event venue famous for its irresponsible staff and poor security measures. So, you should keep your venue and your staff updated with proper security measures to ensure the site is safe for guests, visitors and workers. 

Here are some factors you can consider to run a modern, efficient and secure venue

Proper Design

The first and foremost thing is that your venue should be properly designed in regard to safety measures. Most of the hotels pay attention to the decor and other interior designs and neglect the necessary security measures of commercial space. The facility should have separate areas for parking, rooms, cooking space, and hall. It should have designated entry and exit areas. A wise option is to have alternate paths other than the main one to enter and exit the venue. Professional architects can help you design a spacious and thoughtful space that meets all security requirements. 

Fire Alarms, CCTV Cameras and Intruder Alarms

An event venue must have proper CCTV monitoring and fire alarms in place. It’s not all the days you are hosting an event. There may be times when the whole building is empty. In such scenarios, CCTV cameras guard your building. A well-designed, properly installed CCTV surveillance system keeps the vandals away. 

Also, fire alarms are an integral part of a secure building. They alert the occupants in case of fire and help take quick action. So, ensure your event venue has high-tech fire alarms, extinguishers and fire exits. Most of the facility managers have a structured plan design for rescue in case of a fire. Ensure you and your staff are well-aware of it.

Skilled Staff and Security Software

Event venues have a high risk of stealing, especially the parking areas and basements. These places are often overlooked, and thieves take advantage of them. But, when you have CCTV cameras and proper security software programs like THERMS in place, you can take swift action and prevent burglary. 

However, there is no use in having a state-of-the-art facility if the staff responsible for its care doesn’t know how to use them. So, it is necessary to have a skilled, experienced staff who is well-versed with the equipment and security software programs. 

Companies like THERMS develop smart and intelligent security guard software programs that are easy to use. They also have featured tutorials on websites that you can use to train your staff and eliminate the training cost. Skilled staff can cut the need for additional employees and can save costs on your security services. 

Regular Audits and Cleaning

While you have all the security systems in place, it is essential to inspect them regularly. Many cleaning contractors also offer inspection services, so you can utilize health inspection software to stay current on compliance, and warn you about the red flags in your event venue. You can also contact an inspection company to know the security risks in your building and prevent any mishappening.


As an Event venue manager, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety and security of the guests and workers. If you focus on creating a secure and sound environment, you will be more preferred, and your business will grow.

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