Instagram Desktop Publishing in this Social Media Update 

Here’s a mid-summer social media update, with a key announcement about Instagram Desktop publishing!  My aim is always to be bringing you the top news in the social media world!

New Instagram Desktop Posting

Facebook’s Creator Studio is rolling out a new addition to the software… you can now connect your Instagram account and post to your Instagram newsfeed from a desktop computer!  

How to Get Started with Instagram Desktop Publishing:

  1. Go to Facebook Creator Studio and login to your Facebook account. You will then need to connect your Instagram account
  2. Go to the Instagram tab at the top, center position on your screen to view your content library.
  3. At the top left will be a “Create Post” button.
  4. Now you are able to upload content to your Instagram Page from the desktop!

Why It Matters

People have been begging for this for years, particularly in the marketing world and we always needed to rely on 3rd party tools but now Instagram has finally relented and made it accessible.  Yes, there is no scheduling so 3rd party tools like AgoraPulse are still the preferred method but it is good to see Instagram taking steps to help marketers.  Perhaps I should say Facebook is taking steps since the feature is in Facebook’s Creator Studio.  Facebook is making some moves and the next item below may be why.

Facebook Usage is in Decline, in Favor of Instagram and WhatsApp

Recently there had been reports of a decline in Facebook’s usage as more and more users become wary of their privacy. This has mostly been done through external surveys and speculation; however, now there is some internal data from Facebook that supports the decline in Facebook’s usage.

Why It Matters

It is crucial to be aware of statistics like this as it can play a major role in the long run. While it may not have a significant effect now but as demographics age, other platforms like Instagram could become the top social media platform. Knowing these trends ahead of time can help you prepare and decide how to adjust your social media strategy and the platforms your business should be on.

LinkedIn Adds New Services Listings for Profiles to Help Freelancers and SMBs

LinkedIn has added new service listings for profiles to help freelancers and small businesses. This new option will help them be found by the services they provide on their LinkedIn profile in search results.

Why It Matters

This feature is not yet available to everyone but it provides freelancers and small businesses another way to be found by the services they provide. It’s a good move by LinkedIn that helps out the small businesses using the platform.

New YouTube Revenue Opportunities

YouTube is rolling out new revenue opportunities for creators. These new features will allow creators to make money through Super Stickers.  These stickers can be purchased for live content and premieres to support their favorite channels. Super Chat allows your comments to stand out in live content and premieres, and it offers various membership levels with different price points that offer perks, and other additional merchandising options.

Why It Matters

If your business utilizes YouTube, taking advantage of these various new revenue opportunities on your channel can be beneficial and it may add a revenue stream. To learn more about the new opportunities being offered, check out YouTube’s blog HERE.

New: Twitter Desktop Layout

Twitter’s new desktop version is being rolled out! The new UI for the desktop reflects the design on the mobile app making the user experience more cohesive across the whole platform. Now you can stay up to date on what’s happening, your bookmarks and lists, direct messages, themes, all with an easy login/ logout and use experience.

Why It Matters

As it had been over 7 years since Twitter’s last desktop update, it was time for an update!  7 years is a century on the web! The new update seems to place more focus on the homepage and trends rather than profile pages. This could be important to be aware of as more changes come to the platform in the future.

That’s the news for this roundup.  We’ll see you again in 2 weeks for another social media update.

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