Increasing Website Traffic: 6 Proven Methods

Increasing Website Traffic: 6 Proven Methods

Imagine yourself as a burgeoning entrepreneur. You have the most fantastic business idea and have already prepared all the necessary aspects of the business. You finally make that all-important website - a platform through which your customers will communicate with you and purchase your products. However, the website does not perform and drastically fails to attract visitors. Under such circumstances, the business would stand no chance among competitors.

Nowadays, all a website truly needs is traffic. The rest follows automatically up to a great extent. There is no point in creating the most amazingly designed online real estate if no one is visiting it. These days, search engines have a lot of criteria that need to be fulfilled before a page is ranked in the top levels of the SERP. There is a lot of technicality in it. This article briefly describes some of the proven methods that you can adopt to see increasing website traffic.

Carry Out Keyword Research

Keywords are, arguably, the most critical aspect of search engine optimization (SEO). Content is key! Your audience will only stay or return to your website if the quality of content is top-notch. Thus, including relevant keywords in your writing is crucial.

Some people execute wrong practices like keyword stuffing. This is when they force keywords into the content, making it unreadable and inauthentic. Yes, it is essential to implement keywords in places like the meta description, the URL, the page title, the headers, and the subheaders. However, you need to make sure keywords are not overused, which ruins the quality of the content.

Tools like Ahrefs, Moz, and SEMrush can be used to perform keyword research. Many authors and experts conduct keyword research to get content ideas. Using the tools mentioned above, you can determine important parameters like the number of people searching for that keyword, how costly it is to get pay-per-click ads, and many more.

You can also identify keywords your competitors are using. We believe taking the help of an SEO expert or a full-fledged agency can be highly beneficial for you in your quest to identify the right keywords for your website content.

Focus on Guest Posts

Guest posting is more important than you might think, as there are various benefits associated with it. It is an incredibly effective way to establish the significance of your website to the search engine. A lot of research should be done in determining the right domain to publish guest posts.

When searching for such a website, keep in mind that it needs to have high domain authority and domain rating. It should also allow external authors to post their articles on the site. Some publishers promote their content on social media and various other platforms. Cracking a deal with an organization of this sort can be very advantageous.

Search engines give more authority to content linked to other content on different websites, as this is a form of authenticity. This means any visitor to the external site can also visit yours through the link that they find on the article. Keep in mind that, although this is a remarkable tactic, modern algorithms implemented by search engines can weed out link spam.

To sum it up: if you can successfully develop a profound network of backlinks on guest posts, your website will experience increasing website traffic and brand awareness.

Invest in Advertising

Advertising is one of the fundamentals of marketing and spreading brand awareness. There are various advertising methods and platforms that you can use, such as paid search, display ads, and certainly social media. Yes, organic search results are the ones that truly matter at the end of the day. However, paid advertisements can go a long way in ensuring increased web traffic as well.

More customers are attracted when you advertise as people tend to prefer the results displayed at the very top. There is also the scope of spending in ads appearing on other established sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. However, know that you will not see any results to write home about unless you develop an elaborate marketing strategy.

Add Schema Microdata to Your Content

While this might seem somewhat insignificant to a search engine, it, most definitely, is not. Make no mistake: implementing schema does not boost incoming web traffic directly. However, it does make the website more recognizable to search engine bots, making it faster and easier to index the pages. Furthermore, adding schema allows the SERP to display rich snippets from the site - leading to increased click-through rates.

Make Your Website Responsive

The impact of mobile gadgets in the field of SEO can never be overstated. According to the latest statistics, mobile devices alone (not even tablets) generated more than half of global website traffic. The fifty percent mark has never seen a decline ever since 2017.

Gone are the days of internet browsing via desktop computers. Nowadays, people prefer surfing online using portable, mobile gadgets. Thus, it is imperative now for web developers to make their websites responsive; meaning users can effortlessly view these on compact screen sizes without giving up on navigational ease.

Keep the Content Up to Date

SEO is not constant. You can not fully optimize your website and expect it to remain the same after some time. Your competitors are always on the hunt for relevant content. Unless you keep updating your own content, you will soon experience a drop in SERP ranking.

Make sure you keep an eye on matters like statistics, dates, and images. These are usually the most at risk of getting outdated. Be smart and deal with these aspects before thinking of adding new content to your website.

Final Words

Increasing web traffic can significantly enhance your sales figures. Building a site and throwing it into the web is not effective anymore. You need to put a lot of effort into making it shine. We suggest doing comprehensive research on this subject before arriving at a decision.

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