Increase Employee Productivity: The Power of TINYpulse


Is your business productivity and growth at a gridlock? You’ve done everything right, your place of business is welcoming and spacious, and your marketing is consistent and bringing in prospects. However, your employees don’t look happy and they’re not being as effective and productive as you would like.

Research identifies that employees who feel undervalued are unhappy, and they have lower productivity levels. As well, high turnover has a net negative effect on the team as well as costs for the business. Some employers seem to have forgotten that an employee is as important to business success as a client. Without the team, you cannot grow and take care of your clients.

You’ve tried to get employee feedback, but the input wasn’t significant. You’ve tried to ask for suggestions but aren't getting much response other than generic answers. Who wants to give their boss negative feedback which could impact their own paycheck? The bottom line is that this situation impacts your business bottom line!

Well, there’s a solution that can help with this. It’s called TINYpulse. TINYpulse is an online employee service and one of its key tools is Engage, a survey tool that provides frequent real-time feedback with complete anonymity. It reveals trends, insight, and opportunities to improve culture, retention, and results. It provides companies with a platform to assess employee morale and their satisfaction at their place of work. At TINYpulse, the belief is that when employees are happy, productivity improves, there’s higher retention, and customer service is off the charts resulting in improved business performance: i.e., everything improves!

Why use TINYpulse Engage?

  1. Easy to Deploy – There’s no need to “think of questions.” TINYpulse has done the work for you. Simply invite your staff to participate and wait for suggestions, data, and information to stream in from your team anonymously every week. You get to ask questions and get immediate feedback with the main focus being an improvement.
  1. Practical & Useful Insights – it captures detailed suggestions and points out important issues which may seem petty or leaders overlook.
  1. Data and Feedback are Shareable - when feedback is given, employees know they've been heard. TINYpulse has made it possible to share each reply to spark conversation, go deeper among your team, and make a positive impact.
  1. Actionable Intel – change is only actionable if you know the problem and cause. Create a trend by asking “happiness questions” once a month. This complements your weekly short, low-key goal questions and helps attain long-term goals. There is also the ability to compare your performance with other organizations to get a gauge on where you stand.

How does TINYpulse Engage work?

Every week TINYpulse emails a single survey question to your employees. Responding is easy and completely anonymous. Your employees’ responses are collected on an admin dashboard for review. Here you have the option to:

  • Compare averages and establish trends
  • Sort data
  • Share responses to start a dialogue

Complete anonymity allows for your employees to be completely honest giving you access to genuine feedback.

TINYpulse Engage also includes two other parts.

  1. Cheers for Peers is a recognition tool that lets an employee give another employee kudos for a job well done.
  1. Virtual Suggestions allows your employees to voice their ideas and come up with solutions to existing problems.

All parts of TINYpulse are geared towards a culture of appreciation and engagement, where employees are encouraged to combine forces with their leaders to build an improved workplace.

Now you have the means to improve your workplace and business bottom line through keeping your employees satisfied and including their input. It’s definitely a tool to check out.

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