Huge Security Mistakes Every Small Business Must Avoid

security mistakes to avoid in your business

Like most other business activities, protecting your business from security mistakes requires adequate planning and execution, along with good management. You must make security a top priority and commit to making changes that work for your venture in the long term. The trouble is, not all entrepreneurs take security matters seriously. While all companies have different security needs, knowing the pitfalls is advantageous. With that in mind, here are six huge security mistakes you must avoid. 

Believing That You’re Safe

Burglars, vandals, and cybercriminals don’t feel like much of a threat until you suffer a loss. While it’s true that crooks more frequently make the news for their attacks on large ventures, that doesn’t make your small business safe. Criminals often prefer to target smaller companies, in fact, as they assume their security will be lacking. You must make sure you prove them wrong. 

Skipping The Staff Training

A criminal could strike at any time, so you have to ensure that your staff know what to do in such a situation. While there are many ways you could train your team, online learning tends to be the most engaging. For this reason, you should find top custom eLearning content providers to create a security course. Remember to update this training course when it needs to be. 

Forgetting To Check IDs

The only people who should be allowed in your building are those that have been given access. Asking your team to wear lanyards will enable security to spot individuals who aren’t a part of it. Once this rule is put into place, it has to be enforced. Not one person should be allowed inside without their ID pass, including you. Everyone should be treated the same, or it isn’t fair. 

Leaving The Doors Open

Although it’s critical that you secure your entire business, some areas of the building are more important than others. Leaving the doors to your computer room open, for example, is much more dangerous than doing so with your staff room. To avoid this serious error, you must put extra security, such as a biometric access system, in place in these more sensitive areas. This goes for external doors too. An intercom system for business allows you to grant access on an individual basis to those with legitimate reasons for entering your premises.

security mistakes to avoid

Putting Off Software Updates

Keeping your doors locked doesn’t mean that your business is invulnerable. If you put off updating the software on company computers, you are putting your business at risk. Most of the time, these updates exist to patch up a vulnerability software developers previously missed. Although software does often update automatically, it won’t hurt to check on the settings. 

Hiring The Wrong Security

When it comes to hiring security, most small businesses do so randomly. Rather than researching different security companies, they pick the first one that they come across. In an emergency, you will turn to these security professionals to lead the way and keep your team safe. This means that you must take the time to pick a company that meets your needs. 

Protecting your small business should always be a priority, so make it one by avoiding the security mistakes listed above. 


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