How to Secure a Promising B2B Sales Appointment

Secure a Promising B2B Sales Appointment

It can be tempting for a B2B salesperson to try to make a sale during the first interaction. However, seasoned professionals are quick to share that the goal of a first call is not a sale.

That comes later, during the sales appointment.

Securing a promising B2B sales appointment and nailing it is a difficult task. It requires a unique set of skills and a particular approach. It’s different from regular sales, as it involves two businesses, not a business and a consumer.

For this reason, many companies look to B2B appointment setting services to handle this job for them. This enables them to come in once the prospect has a meeting appointment.

So, how can a salesperson attract the right prospects, and how can they ensure they’re setting up B2B sales appointments with promise?

This article will break down the process from start to finish. First touching on the specialties of a B2B sales meeting vs a regular sales meeting. Then reviewing the three keys to setting these promising appointments.

Why are B2B Appointment Settings Different?

Marketing and selling in a B2B context are not the same as marketing and selling a product to a consumer. Generally, there are higher-ticket products or services up for grabs. And, often the decisions need to be made by leaders in the company, not just one person.

A salesperson employing the sales tricks for B2C likely won’t have much luck in a B2B process. This is something they’ll learn quickly.

B2B sales is its own art, with necessary skills that need to be honed over time to master. Not only does the pitch need to be perfect, but the audience has to be right, too. Setting B2B sales meetings with lower-ranking employees won’t do much. The appointments need to be with decision-makers that have the power to give a “yes” or “no” when the meeting wraps.

There are many more reasons why this type of sales stands out:

  • The audience (decision-maker) is likely coming into the meeting with high-level knowledge of the market, competitors, and solutions available. They may even know more than the sales team presenting the solution, so salespeople must be on their A-game.
  • B2B sales don’t always happen quickly. There’s a chance there won’t be an answer at the end of the call. The B2B sales cycle can easily take several months of negotiating and paperwork before anything is a done deal.
  • The decision-maker isn’t just deciding for themselves. They are making a decision on behalf of their entire team, customers, and stakeholders, so they have a lot more to lose than a consumer does.
  • It’s not enough for a salesperson to simply know their product on the deepest levels. They need to know their product, the market, competitors, their prospect, as well as their prospect’s challenges, current solution, and needs.

Once a salesperson understands these differences they’ll find more success in setting up meetings.

Tips to Set Up Successful B2B Sales Meetings

Whether these sales meetings are set up by the sales company for the sales company, or set up by appointment setting services for the sales company, there are some tried and true tips that will help set up B2B sales meetings that are more likely to end with a “yes.”

1. Always Perform Research

Before scheduling any appointments, there should be a good amount of research done on the prospective company. You want to get a feel for who they are, what they do, what their goals are, and what their current needs are. This can be done by looking at:

  • A company website
  • Press or blog articles
  • Social media profiles
  • Company reviews
  • Mutual contacts

In general, the more a salesperson can find out, the better. Having a baseline understanding of who they are and what’s going on with their company is a good foundation for building rapport.

2. Use Resources

If a salesperson is setting up appointments for their own purposes and not having much luck with closing, it might be time to use the resources available and outsource the task.

There are appointment setting services that can do this research and scheduling on behalf of the B2B sales company. Thereby eliminating the task from their to-do list and setting them up with qualified leads and pre-set appointments.

This can be a game-changer for any sales team that is struggling with their rate of successful B2B sales meetings. It puts the ball of appointment setting in the experts’ court and lets them focus on what they do best – sales.

3. Find the Right Time

Timing is everything when it comes to sales. Every salesperson knows the frustration of getting bombarded with emails or cold calls of no interest to the greater company. Especially in the middle of deep work or an important meeting.

Disturbing the prospect at the wrong time will turn them off from the idea of a sales meeting at all. Therefore, it’s important to tread lightly and pinpoint the right time to call and try to set up the appointment.

HR and sales specialists, Indeed, found that calling right before lunch, in the sweet spot between 11 a.m. and noon, is a great time to reach people with fewer distractions. Alternatively, calling toward the end of the day is a good time to grab their attention before they head out. Especially as employees are more compelled to finish tasks rather than leave them for the next day.

4. Listen

Listening and understanding are two absolute keys to get in good with a B2B prospect. When a salesperson listens closely during the first cold call while trying to set up the meeting, they’ll be able to hear whether the prospect is really showing interest or not.

They’ll also take note of hints as to what their current challenges are and how the company might be able to come in and help. This tees them up for success once it’s time for the sales meeting. They can speak to their specific challenges and offer a personal solution.

The B2B Difference

The B2B sales landscape is vastly different from B2C. everything from the approach to the appointment setting to the closing is different. It takes a light touch and careful research to identify the right prospects. This is why many businesses prefer to outsource the appointment setting services to companies who specialize in this task. Thereby setting the sales team up for success in the meeting itself.

By using the resources available and listening carefully to what a prospect needs, any salesperson will be able to set up promising sales appointments that are sure to end with complete deals.

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