How to Make Money on YouTube: 6 Effective Strategies

Make Money on YouTube: 6 Effective Strategies

YouTube is a vast ocean of information. Here, people from all over the world create content and share it. It is said that YouTube comprises more than half of the internet users. Amazingly, most of the YouTubers are earning profits in 6 figures or more from YouTube. It depends on the quality of your content. Your subscribers are the keys to your earnings on YouTube. If your contents are great, informative, and entertaining, it'll help you gain YouTube subscribers. You can even buy youtube subscribers for your youtube channel. We will be discussing some effective strategies to make money on YouTube, and at the same time get real YouTube views.

1. Sponsored Content Creation

It is one of the best ways to maker money on YouTube. If you have a large number of engaged audiences/subscribers with a better view count, then brands would approach you. Especially when your contents involve target audiences for those brands, you can negotiate with them.

You can earn a decent amount of money through #sponcon. Generally, YouTubers get more payment for sponsored content than on Instagram and Facebook. Its biggest perk is that you don’t have to share a part of your income with YouTube.

How to produce sponsored content?

First, you need to find a brand to partner with. For that, you can use influencer marketing websites where brands reach out to find influencers appropriate for their brand marketing.

After that, you can lock a deal and negotiate a decent payment. Your charges depend on the number of audiences you engage and the worth of your brand partner.

Lastly, make sure that you are aware of Google’s Ad policies. Be transparent about your #sponcon advertisement.

2. Fans Can Pay You Directly

Your fans can play a great role in earning money from YouTube. But your content should be good enough to make your fans willingly pay money to show appreciation for your channel.

Go on live streaming, so that people can use the Super Chat feature. People use super chat and super sticker features to get their chats highlighted or pinned for the paid amount of time. For this, they have to pay some amount. You should also appreciate your fans for their support and motivate them to use this feature.

Encourage your fans to get a YouTube premium membership so that when they'll view your content, you'll get the share of the revenue. Premium members can watch Ad-free videos and also download them for offline watching.

You can also go for a paid subscription. Like people subscribe to Netflix or Hotstar, they can pay to subscribe to your channel. This feature is enabled at specific locations only. YouTube allows partners with more than 10k subscribers to use this feature.

3. YouTube Partner Program

The best way to earn from YouTube is through the YouTube partner program. The eligibility criteria for YPP:

  • Your channel should have at least 1000 followers.
  • You are in the region where YPP is available.
  • Your channel should have 4000 views hours for the last 12 months.
  • You have your AdSense account linked in for payments.
  • Your channel follows YouTube guidelines and policies.

After you get approved, you can have access to different avenues offered by YouTube. Along with Ads, you can get paid for super chats features, premium membership fees, Channel Memberships, and Merchandise Shelf.

4. Sell Your Merchandise

If you are above 18 and you have 10k+ subscribers, then you are eligible for YouTube Merchandise Shelf. This feature is best for Entrepreneurs who are video creators also. You can merchandise your products and gain profit by YouTube Marketing strategy.

Your viewers can search the products and make purchases from YouTube. You just have to make sure that your products are unique and of good quality. You can display 12 products at a time and advertise them on your channel. You can enable your YouTube Partner Merchandise Shelf and sell your goods.

5. Join Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best sources of a very handsome income for YouTubers and bloggers. Affiliate Marketers advertise the goods of some companies and they get a commission as per the number of clicks on their links.

Several affiliate marketing platforms like Amazon marketing program, Alibaba, Shopify, Hubspot affiliate will help you to earn revenues from YouTube. You can use your large number of subscribers to earn profit from YouTube. great brands always hire affiliate marketers to promote their products.

You must have seen that many YouTubers attach the links of the products like the camera used, the microphone used, or any gadgets used in the description. When viewers click on this link, they are directed to the product page. If they buy the product or just click on the link, you will be paid.

Some tips you should keep in mind while affiliate marketing:

  • Don't forget to put the links in the video description.
  • Use the keywords properly in your title and description.
  • Refer to affiliate links in the video.
  • Pin the comments also on the top of the links.

6. License your contents 

If any video goes viral on YouTube, several media representatives will want to have a copy to display to their audience. They are also aware that they will have to pay to have access to the video. So, it can be a great way to make money on YouTube. Simply ensure you license your content. It is a common practice to license your most successful content.

To license your videos, you will have to provide your contact details on the about page and then sign up for a video rights marketplace like Jukin Media.


YouTube is a powerful source of income if proper marketing strategies are used. All you need to do is create great content. It will not only help you gain YouTube subscribers but also get real YouTube views. According to Forbes, many YouTubers earn millions. So, nothing is impossible if you are consistently working on content creation and have patience.

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