How To Keep Your Commercial Boiler in Tip-Top Shape

Keep Your Commercial Boiler in Tip-Top Shape

The boiler is among the most important parts of a business, as it keeps building and workplace temperatures comfortable. In the absence of a properly functioning boiler, the job becomes impossible. A commercial boiler is energy efficient because water guides thermal energy swiftly and retains heat longer than air. It’s less likely to develop leaks in the system. Pipes are used instead of ductwork. More and more organizations are finding that outfitting their facilities with a boiler system is the best way to meet heating demands. Several industries benefit from using a boiler, including food and beverage processing plants, breweries and distilleries, commercial laundry facilities, and automotive manufacturing.

A boiler can last up to 20 years provided it’s well-maintained and serviced on a regular basis. If there’s an emergency or increased demand, a boiler rental can get you out of trouble. Boiler rentals are convenient, flexible, and cost-effective. There are too many things to think about every day; don't make your boiler another one. Here are a few things that can help you keep your boiler in tip-top shape all year round.

Clean The Boiler At Least Every 6 To 12 Months

A dirty boiler is inefficient and can drive your energy bills up. Feedwater contaminants can form boiler deposits, which pose a problem in the operation of the equipment. The accumulation of material can lead to overheating and/or corrosion. Scaling is mainly due to the presence of calcium and magnesium salts or a too high concentration of silica. It’s necessary to clean the boiler periodically so that it runs without problems and lasts longer. To make sure that it’s cleaned safely and adequately, reach out to a boiler operator (stationary engineer).

If you clean the boiler yourself, you risk causing damage that can result in a gas leak. This is precisely why it’s recommended to call an expert. The quality of the work they undertake greatly exceeds your DIY efforts in all aspects. Cleaning the exterior of the boiler won’t impact its performance. But at least your workspace will be clean. Just think about it. The surroundings are covered in dust. Carefully remove the cover of the boiler and the vent stack. This way, you’ll get access to the tubing located next to the heat exchanger.

Insulate Your Boiler Pipes

If you want your boiler to continue to work efficiently, get insulation. Boiler pipes can freeze during winter. Insulation acts as a layer of protection and it’s beneficial in areas where there are significant differences in temperature, reducing heat loss or heat gain. Every measure should be taken to prevent thermal energy from escaping the system. Refrain from using materials such as polyethylene foam or synthetic rubbers. Instead, you should use fiberglass, mineral wool radiant barriers. Once insulated, regular inspection will detect problems, if any. Check the boiler to see if something’s not right. Any pipes that are uninsulated will leak heat as the hot water passes through them.

Schedule Preventative Maintenance

Keeping your boiler running safely and reliable relates directly to preventative maintenance. The regular and routine inspection of the equipment keeps the boiler running and prevents costly, unplanned downtime from unexpected equipment failure. Commercial boilers can be sensitive due to a variety of scaling and heat loss issues. Therefore, every year, the boiler should undergo a comprehensive inspection, examining every component. Even if a disaster isn’t imminent, letting a flaw persist can lead to a shorter lifespan. The inspection should be carried out by certified steam boiler inspectors, in the presence of a representative from a formal inspection body.

If you’re experiencing a critical failure of your current system, you should look into boiler rentals. A rental solution promises a quick delivery. There’s no reason to worry because the option for a steam boiler rental isn’t a costly prospect. To cover your outage, rent a supplementary unit. Many companies rent portable boilers, mobile boiler rooms, and boiler equipment. Figure out if you want a short-term or long-term lease. Make sure you work with a leasing company that offers a quality service. The size of your property will help determine the ideal boiler for your commercial space.

These maintenance items should be done each day. A little effort can go a long way toward minimizing breakdowns and service interruptions.

  • See if the boiler temperature, pressure, and exhaust temperature are within range
  • Look around and under the boiler for leaks
  • Inspect the piping and components for damage, blockages, and other imperfections
  • Note any error or service codes on the display panel
  • Test the flame on the boiler

You can use a daily, monthly or yearly checklist to make sure the equipment is performing effectively.

Check The Make-Up of The Water

Depending on the water source and its properties, it might need treatment. Water in the boiler should be clear and free from any debris. Test water samples for their chemical contents. The result will determine what treatment is suitable. Make-up water treatment allows for the optimization of boiler processes. Benefits include more stable water quality, the reduction of chemicals, and lower fouling and corrosion. However, an engineer will establish whether the results fall within the acceptable parameters. The water tests take into consideration factors such as the mechanical system, the boiler type, the equipment manufacturer’s recommendations, and the control rates set by the chemical regulator.

To sum up, an ounce of prevention is much better than neglecting your boiler. Invest effort and time to make sure the boiler can tackle even the most drastic conditions. Having the equipment breakdown is both stressful and inconvenient. You don’t have to shut down your business because of the possibility of boiler rental. It’s cost-effective in more than one way, so don't throw money out the window. It doesn’t matter if the commercial boiler is new or you’ve had it for some time, make it last. Maintaining the boiler will ensure it functions better and more efficiently. It’s important to make sure you give it the care it needs.

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