How To Hire A Roofer: 4 Tips For Hiring The Best Contractor

hire a roofer

If this is your first time to hire a roofer then we are pretty certain you will have many questions and possibly no idea where to begin. can give you plenty of advice on hiring a good contractor, but let’s start here for a moment. What do you need?

You need the assurance that the roofer is licensed, insured, and has experience with your area of need. We often put too much weight on the factor of cost, so we forget these things and that is where things go wrong. 

Remember, cost is only part of the hiring process, you need to consider who you are hiring as well. 

Look at your options before you start making decisions. 

Don’t Rush The Decision

Let's be upfront, you need to think about this with intentionality. Do the research, and look at your options, as you will have many. You don’t want to focus only on cost, because doing this could sacrifice quality, and quality is pivotal in a roof! 

The last thing you want is a cheap roofer cutting corners on an important job and resulting in you having a shoddy roof.

Our Top Tips! 

This is why we have our top tips, follow our tips to make sure that you get the roofer you deserve and the roof you deserve to have! 

#1. Do Your Research! 

Anytime you want to hire someone, you should always do plenty of research. This means you look into professionalism, reviews, and contacting their previous clients. 

You should look at how many projects they have done, check their Google reviews, and also check their website for details and reviews. If their website looks a little naked, then they probably do not have the most experience. Look out for personal information and project history. 

Positive reviews are also important. Positive reviews speak volumes about a company, and be cautious of any company with few to no reviews. Check review sites, websites, google reviews, Facebook pages and so on. 

If reviews warn you about a company, you should take that as a sign to stay away. 

#2. Get Quotes

Quotes are a great place to get started when looking to hire a roofer. Look at local companies. Call them to set up an inspection and get an idea of the cost. A majority of companies will offer a free inspection, and you should always make the most of this offer. 

So, look around, see if you can get an inspection and some quotes. Always get more than one quote and see what you can get. However, do not take the cheapest you can get. Many of us get swindled into a bad deal just because it's the most affordable one. 

Sometimes we need work done that simply won’t be cheap, so have an idea of how much it actually costs at market value to have your roof fixed up, and use that as a benchmark for what you should expect.

#3. Look For Credible Designations

Some manufacturers will give a designation to a company that will pass the requirements they set. A good example of this is GAF, they will have a top designation which is known as Master Elite. Contractors with this designation make up only 2% of the market. 

If a roofer has this designation then you know they are a credible roofer with epic standards. 

It's also worthwhile checking out business sites, Home Advisor is one of these, and they will offer badges and designation to any business with a history of beaming positive reviews. 

You will be able to see if a business has been rated as Elite, and if they have been approved and screened. These places basically give confirmation that the company is credible and legitimate. 

#4. Check For Licensing and Insurance Info! 

Insurance is absolutely critical. You should always ensure that a business has liability and compensation insurance for workers. Let’s not forget they should also have a license to operate in your area as well. 

Never be afraid to ask for proof of these things, it's not rude, you are just covering your own back. Similarly, the company should be bonded as this means that they are also giving you protection as well, which holds them accountable to complete any work they have agreed to. 

Workers' compensation is 100% a must-have, it means that the company will take full responsibility in the case there are fatalities or injuries on the job (this does happen) and it holds the company liable for any mishaps as well. It is so important that they are covered.

Double-check this. 

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