How To Replace Your Roof In 7 Easy Steps

Replace Your Roof In 7 Easy Steps

Replacing your roof can sound very scary and intimidating, mostly because it is not painting your house or renovating your kitchen again. However, the roof does cover a larger area, and most importantly, you wouldn't want to make any mistakes.

The roof is one of the important elements of the house, and we wouldn’t want to make any mishap that might cause further damage later. However, if done correctly, you will be able to do it.

DIY-ing your own roof might be an exciting prospect, but there are certain factors where you will need to get external help. However, this is something that will help you finish the work with perfection.

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Things To Keep In Mind When You Start Replacing

Here are the things that you have to keep in mind when you are trying to make important changes to your new roof.

1. The Roof Frame

This is when your house is not newly constructed, but you still want to change the roofing, probably because it is not complimenting the renovations.

A roof frame is something that you have to keep in mind in order to change it. If the roof frame is not sturdy, a small mistake can lead to a disaster.

2. The Material

You cannot have all the materials you want; sometimes you have to choose between the one which is practical.

For example, staying in a wildfire region, you cannot ask for tile roofs that are not fire-resistant.

3. The Weather

Another important factor to consider when you are replacing the roof. Check the material of the previous roof; it might be something that is realistic to the weather conditions.

For example, in a super windy area, you cannot have clay tiles as they will be a bigger nuisance than the artistic look they provide.

4. The Weight

Your house should be able to hold the weight of the roof. If the tiling is too heavy, it is like a disaster waiting to happen.

It can even bend the roof frame, which will cost you a lot more to fix and refurbish the roof again.

How To Replace Your Tiles

Here are the seven easy steps which will help you replace your tiles. So don’t be scared because they are pretty elaborate to explain everything.

1. Preparation

The first step is, of course, preparation! This comes before you buy any material. You can consult an expert during this time just to understand what kind of roof material would be best suited for the house.

Whether you would want to go for shingles or tiles, once all the important decisions have been made, you map the roof size. This will give you an idea of the number of materials that need to be brought and the possible budget.

2. Gather The Materials

When you gather the materials, ensure that you have everything in close proximity. Each step is very important, and it cannot be repeated. So, there is very little chance for error.

At this time, if you see something missing or something you forgot to bring, it's trouble. Therefore, take some time and gather everything required properly.

3. Remove The Old Roof

Do not try to deck up the shingles or tiles over your old roof. This will make the whole setting very uneven, and you wouldn’t be able to place it properly. You will always need a clean canvas to place every tile or shingle in its perfect setting.

You will need to smooth out the surface of the base before you set up a new roof tile.

4. Inspect The Deck Thoroughly

This is most crucial, and experts suggest never skipping this part. This is when you will understand any problems that might arise when you are setting up the shingles. You will be closely inspecting the roof, and if it is quite an old house, you might need some preparation.

Check for water retention, molds, and cracks, or anything that can later pose a problem for you, and fix them.

5. Preparing The Base

Now it is time to prepare the base of the deck. Once you fix all the problems that might arise from inspecting it, you will have to smooth out the surface. These are essentially the things that are done by the construction experts, so you might need to call them for this step.

These include flashing around the vents and chimneys, roof felting with the heavy-duty to create a proper underlayer. This is to prevent any further leaks between the roof and the concrete.

6. Placing The Roof Material

Now it is time for the final touch, which is going to make your house look new. You should already have the measured shingles or tiles which you will be placing. Some assistance might be during this step.

You start from the bottom of the house and then reach the top. The slope of the tiles will depend on the material and also the finishing of the deck base. Decide this initially and not while placing them.

Make sure to overlap the shingles or tiles in place so that they shed water and do not retain any moisture.

7. Last Inspection

Once the tiles are placed properly, you can start the last inspection. This is where you will check whether the roof is leakproof. This step also includes clearing the rest of the construction site.

Any loose materials which can be hazardous should be removed immediately. Collect all the debris from other replacements and then deposit it safely.

Final Note

Now that you have seen the steps followed in order to replace your roof, we are certain that you are not panicking anymore. These steps are simple, and with a little precision, you will be able to manage them.

Replace your roof if needed and do not delay it because a strong roof plays an important part in creating a secure and peaceful home.

If needed, you can also get some help from constructors, especially when deciding which material to use.

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