Interviewing Your Next Roofing Contractor: 5 Questions To Ask

Roofing Contractor

Being a homeowner can come with a lot of responsibilities. You need to be in charge of everything that happens on your property and ensure that your home is in tip-top shape condition. This also includes you taking charge of any repairs and renovations should the need arise.

If you need to have repairs done on your current roof, you ought to quiz your potential contractor regarding some matters, ranging from company insurance to projected costs, before coming up with the decision of hiring them for the job. Here are some essential questions you should raise when finding a roofing company to service your home.

1. Whose Roofs Have You Serviced Recently?  

You can ask when finding your roofing contractor if they have past projects they can show you. The output you'll get for your home will rely heavily on the skills and expertise of your chosen contractor. Thus, you must work with people who are licensed and proven to consistently deliver desirable results.

If you don't have any idea of how you want your roof to look, checking out your contractor's completed projects can be a good decision. It'll help you envision on top of your head how the finished project may look as soon as the repairs are over. Also, this will let you know how they do their jobs as professional roofers. Evaluating the finished works of various companies will also help you identify different roofing contractors that live up to the standard.

2. What Are The Payment Options I Can Avail Of?  

Roofing projects aren't generally cheap, so you'd want to work with a contractor that can provide you with flexible payment options. Some companies may require you to settle a hefty amount before the construction even starts. This could hurt your wallet if you don't have enough budget allotted for a large down payment. On the other hand, other contractors may allow you to pay in installments within a certain period as the roof construction carries on.

Work with a roofing contractor that could offer the best payment package. Aso, ask about the estimated amount you'll spend before you select your contractor so you won't worry about any unexpected bills. The prices offered by different companies will vary, so you should compare them before landing on a decision. You should choose a professional roofer service that’ll provide you with the best quality for the money you'll pay. You can also check out KiddRoof, they've done roofing installation & repair for decades.

3. Do You Provide Repair Assistance?  

Since your roof will constantly be exposed to various elements like rain and heat, it'll be prone to damages caused by everyday wear and tear. It's normal for your roofing to accumulate scratches and imperfections over time. In most cases, it’s said that it won't affect the structure's integrity and compromise your comfort at home. However, there may be instances when natural weathering may eventually cause various problems in your property.

When choosing a roofing company, you should pick one that can offer a long-term repair warranty. Some contractors may not include this in their service packages which means you may spend money each time you need to fix something on your roof. It’d be beneficial for you to work with a company that'll be reachable whenever you need help. You can visit website of the companies you’re planning to hire to check if they offer in-house repair services.

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4. How Long Will The Construction Last?  

Some homeowners conduct roof works as an investment and long-term home improvement. There are also people who hire roof contractors to work on their house before selling it to increase its market value and appeal. Whatever your reason is for hiring a roofing company, you need to inquire how long the project would take.

Your plans may be affected by the duration of the construction, so you need to know the timeline before you give the go signal for the roof works.  For instance, if you're planning to host a party in your home, you don't want to schedule it before completing your roof. Likewise, if you plan on reselling the property, you need to finish all the repairs first before you invite potential buyers to visit your house.

You can also ask the roofing company you'll hire if they can provide their services throughout the year. Some companies may hesitate to conduct major roof replacements when the weather is harsh. It’d help to consider this factor when you're planning your roofing job.

5. How Can I Prepare For The Roofing Job? 

Once you pick the roofing company that'll be in charge of your house’s roof improvement, you need to ask about the preparations you need to make before the construction commences.

Most of the construction work will be done outdoors, so you won't need to make too many adjustments inside your home. However, you may need to clear some surrounding areas outdoors to give way for the materials and vehicle of your contractor. If you have a major roofing project, you should expect that the workers will bring in large items and tools to do their job. It is also necessary to ask if you would be needing to provide the safety rails from a company such as or if they will set them out themselves.

Talk with every member of the household, most especially with children, to inform them of the current situation. Likewise, you may need to warn your household members and neighbors about the possible noise and debris that may fall off your roof. To avoid encountering complaints or accidents once the construction starts, it's best to inform anyone near your vicinity about the project.

6. What kind of metal roof do you use?

Metal roofing has a long service life, up to 40 years, and Asphalt shingles 20 years. Metal roofing is lightweight, weighing from 1 to 3 pounds per square foot. The installation speed is fast and it can be recycled. The disadvantage is that the noise is relatively loud when it rains. Galvanized Steel roofing is a common metal roofing machined from galvanized steel coils.

Final Thoughts  

Asking essential questions to your next roofing contractor will put your mind at ease since it’ll help ensure that you'll receive the best services that suit your needs and budget. If you don't need to be in a hurry to repair or replace your home's roof, take your time to evaluate each company and ask around before you settle on a choice.

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