How to Get Your Business Started on Instagram: 5 Simple Steps

Get Your Business Started on Instagram

With over a billion monthly users, leveraging Instagram for businesses is a no-brainer opportunity. Owing to its high engagements and reach, it barely took Instagram a decade to transform from an image-sharing platform to a social media marketing hub. The social media app provides so many users the opportunity to grow Instagram organically and get more engagement. If you haven’t already started with your Instagram business account, it's high time you make the most of this platform to monetize it further through more Instagram followers and engagement. To make your task easier, here is a simple 5 steps guide that can help you in getting your business started on Instagram.

Optimizing your Instagram profile

The first and foremost thing to get started on Instagram is to open your account and optimize your profile. You can sign up for an account by inserting your name, contact details, setting a password, and verifying your account through email confirmation. Once your account has opened, the next thing to do is converting your account to a business profile. Once you switch to a professional account, you need to start optimizing your profile based on your niche. Your profile picture is the first thing that comes to everyone’s notice and is displayed through every post that you make. Hence, make sure that you have inserted a clear photo that resonates with your brand identity. Your Insta Bio should concisely describe your business, along with your website and contact details.

Integrate your social media profiles and follow people

Next up, it is important to link different social media profiles to your Instagram, such as Facebook. Integrating your Instagram with other social media profiles enables one to post content simultaneously on all platforms. Linking profiles not only helps in saving tons of time but also helps one to get more Instagram followers. This is because it helps in spreading the word on different channels and helps one to cross-promote. This extra visibility helps one in gaining engagement and grow Instagram organically. The next order of business is to follow people in your niche and connect with them. This again helps in expanding reach, connecting with like-minded people, and growing followers organically.

Planning a smart content strategy

Before you start posting and interacting on Instagram, you first need to determine your objective and decide what you aim to achieve through the platform. Creating a SMART content strategy is the key to growing on Instagram so make sure that your objectives are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely. Setting the objectives and planning the strategy helps to set the tone of the business and redirect your efforts in the right direction. You can set your objectives in terms of awareness, engagement, customers, and conversions. Thereby, further aligning your campaigns with your aim. This means choosing the right medium to send out the right message. And, using the right hashtags, to the right audience at the right time. Various third-party tools can help you plan out strategies that can help you get more Instagram followers.

Stay consistent and interactive

Staying consistent and interactive is one of the key fundamentals that can help brands grow followers organically and boost engagement. It is not only important to be consistent with your posts and stories, but also to carry out the same brand persona in every post. If you’ve decided to maintain a feed, post images, and videos that are in sync with your feed. Since Instagram is a visual medium, your content should be striking enough to be thumb-shopping. You can experiment with different Instagram layouts such as reels and IGTVs. Make sure to consistently post stories about client testimonials to build brand loyalty. You can also repost client reviews as a way of staying interactive. Responding to DMs, commenting, and replying to comments all help. Also, consider holding live sessions, and making use of Q&A sessions. It can often get overwhelming to post regularly and stay interactive. But lucky for you, various tools let you schedule posts and take care of auto-engaging with the audience.

Track analytics from the start

Most businesses make the mistake of only tracking growth analytics once they see their engagement level dropping and lagging. However, if you want your business to thrive on Instagram, one must make it a practice to keep a tally of Instagram analytics from day 1. Businesses that start analyzing their content performance early on, can see what content and marketing strategies can be beneficial in the future. They can also see what steps have to ignore. You can use Instagram's analytics tools to see what is working so far and what needs to change. Various third-party can also help with tracking analytics, providing suggestions to tweak your content strategy, and grow Instagram organically by finding the best sites to buy instagram followers.

Wrapping it up

To get your business started and grow on Instagram organically, there are only a handful of steps that need to be executed. So, take the leap and get your content rolling on the platform. Don’t forget to stay consistent and creative to get more followers and shoot up your engagement. Come back for more tips and tricks, and feel free to drop your suggestions!

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