Benefits of a Massive Follower Base for Your Business/Personal Brand on Instagram

Benefits of a Massive Follower Base for Your Business/Personal Brand on Instagram

Are you wondering why follower counts matter on Instagram? With over a billion active users, Instagram today is one of the most popular social media platforms. Nearly all users want to grow their follower count, and with good reason. Whether you are using the platform for personal reasons or to market your business profile, having a good number of followers on Instagram is one of the best ways to establish your presence. It puts you on the digital map and builds credibility with a new audience.

This begs the question: how many followers do you need to consider your followers count to be big? Successful accounts have been known to have follower counts running in thousands. However, what really matters is how many among these are active followers.

The difference between having a huge follower count and a huge active follower count

An active follower count is an important player in your account’s engagement metrics. Getting a large number of followers is easier than make them active. They merely add numbers and do not contribute to your engagement rates.

The Instagram algorithm measures your engagement rate by adding parameters like likes and comments received per post and dividing the total by the number of followers you have on your profile. The more engagement you can generate on your posts, the more your content climbs up on the platform’s visibility charts. The more visible the posts get on user feeds and on the search tab, the more potential they gain in attracting new audiences to your account.

Some of these viewers will likely turn into your followers if your content connects with their needs. Some might even turn into your clients and purchase from your brand. All of this is possible only if your audience interacts with your posts by liking, commenting, saving, or sharing your content. This implies many followers will not really provide desired engagement metrics if the followers do not interact with your posts consistently.

Hence, it is not enough to have an extensive follower base. You have to ensure that your follower base is an active one. This is where many third-party apps fall short for boosting followers. Due to this, some would even argue that it is better to have 100 active followers than 1000 inactive ones. However, having a big follower count can only make it better for your account. So why aim for 100 active followers when you can aim for 1000 active followers too?

In other words, while building a brand presence on Instagram, you should consider how to increase your Instagram followers organically. Devise strategies to keep them interested in your content long-term. If you can do that, your account is sure to prosper from all the advantages your followers bring alongside.

Here Are Some of the Biggest Advantages of Having a Big Active Follower Count on Instagram

  • Large reach with less content

If you have a substantial active follower base, the engagement rate on a single post can also be immense. As already mentioned, posts with high engagement rates:

  • Feature more prominently on user home feeds;
  • Rank higher on Instagram’s Search and Explore tab;
  • Have a higher probability of attracting further engagement from new audiences.

What you can achieve with one post, another Instagrammer with a considerably smaller active follower count would need more posts to achieve. The exception is when someone’s posts go viral overnight. However, that does not happen to too many profiles!

Follower Base on Instagram

  • A magnet for more followers

You could well say that numbers beget numbers on Instagram. A profile with a huge follower count makes casual surfers curious. If your followers are active, this curiosity increases exponentially. Several will begin following you just to discover what your content is all about. They will explore your profile, visit your URLs, and check your Story feeds. They may even tune in to your Live feeds to learn more about your brand.

In other words, your follower count is likely to draw more followers to your account. Thus it grows your brand’s reach. This follower count is also likely to organically engage with your content with the intent to discover more about you, increasing your engagement rate.

  • Greater visibility and engagement

As explained above, a massive active follower count grows your impression and reach. This leads to more avenues for engagement and audience growth. If you do not forget to keep creating quality content, this growth cycle can only grow bigger. Tap into the organic growth by promptly responding to audience engagement. Tailor content to keep with audience behavior without losing your brand’s focus.

Remember to post consistently. Schedule your posts if you need to by using available tools for the purpose. More importantly, engage with your content after posting them up. Cross-post them and respond to comments left by others. Ensure that you have used hashtags and keywords strategically so that your content appeals to new audiences in multiple ways. If you make mentions, ensure you are tagging the right profiles. This can increase your chances of getting more engagement as well as fresh followers.

  • Earn money

It is easier to collaborate with successful influencers and monetize your account if you have a healthy and organic follower count. Use Instagram analytics to time your posts well. Optimize your content with the right hashtags and a great caption. Make use of interactive features in your posts, Instagram stories and videos. With the right call to action and the right micro goals in place, organize contests or giveaways.

When you have the best engagement rates, you are likely to attract sponsorships and paid opportunities to grow your presence further. Depending on the niche your brand belongs to, you can earn thousands just from a single post. As long as your followers interact with what you post, and give you optimal engagement rates, you are all set to earn from your Instagram presence.

Depending on the services you offer, your organic followers are also likely to shop directly from you through your shoppable posts. Or, through the call-to-action buttons on your profile (if you have activated them). Additionally, they may frequent your URL, websites, and official homepage. This is why the bigger your active follower count, the better are your chances of raking in cash.

  • Minimal promotional costs

Most businesses need to factor in some form of paid promotional posts to increase their visibility and reach on Instagram. The platform offers its users the option to promote individual posts with customized intent and budget and the option to place Instagram ads. However, if you already have a massive active follower count, the engagement left by your followers does the same job of increasing your visibility, but at next to no cost! Thus, your follower engagement doubles up as a means of promoting your post.

Now, while audience engagement increases your reach within Instagram, the addition of a simple call to action in your caption like: “share to your Facebook feed” or “tweet this” can lead your followers to cross-post your Instagram content on other social media platforms and thus create brand awareness for you on multiple social sites.

How Can You Ensure Your Follower Count Remains Active While It Grows?

As you can see, having an interactive audience is the key to making the huge follower count work in favor of your profile. The question now is, how do you ensure that the growth in numbers does not simply remain vanity metrics? After all, if that happens, your engagement rate is bound to go down, and that would greatly impact your Instagram presence.

There are plenty of ways to grow the right kind of follower base. Depending on how soon you want the growth to happen and your long-term goals for your Instagram presence, you can create strategies to increase your follower count.

Instagram Follower Target Benefit

Although there is no foolproof way to ensure the growth in your audience is hindered percent active, you can take the following measure to minimize inactive follower growth:

  • Prune your follower count

Yes, just like you need to regularly trim your hedges to ensure they grow healthy and lush, keeping a check on your followers is necessary to grow them favorably. Remove followers who do not seem to be active for a long time. Let your engagement rate fare better, so you gain more visibility and more active followers in the process.

  • Invest inactive followers

If you must buy followers, choose packages that offer real followers. Most services will warn you of an inactive increase in count. Use these packages only as short-term solutions to nudge your account’s algorithms. If you have the budget, choose the higher-priced packages that promise some form of engagement, in addition to an increase in your follower counts.

  • Be social in your peer and niche community

The best way to attract active followers is to be an active member of your niche community yourself. Participate in conversations, respond to audience questions and comments, and follow back relevant accounts. Humanize your brand in your interactions and your content. A brand that can manage to forge connections with its existing and potential clients is a brand that is likely to grow its active follower base manifold too.

  • Keep your content keyword-enriched

If you can get your content to be among the top displays on the search and explore tab, you will have given yourself the best opportunity to grow your follower base exponentially. Instagram lets you use 30 tags on posts and 10 on your stories. Experiment with the content you post and select tags that your target audience is likely to search for. Your followers are likely to be more interactive with your posts if your content is what they are looking for. Think in terms of what is trending and what you are selling as a brand when you create your hashtag list and write your captions. Use Instagram analytics to check what works for you best.

Bottom line

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms in contemporary times. Building a reach on this platform can only bring benefits to your brand. From local influencers to global entrepreneurs, nearly all types and sizes of businesses have made a brand presence on Instagram. To compete with your peers, you must create a presence for yourself in your peer community, engage with your niche market, and reach your target audience effectively. Having a huge follower base will ease your way into these aspects of brand building.

Plan your marketing strategy right and a massive organic follower count will act as a booster on your road to success. Not only this, but they will also open doors for lead conversion and sales for your business. Regardless of how big or small your brand is, how new or old your business is, and whether you cater to B2B or B2C markets, grow your active follower count and see the difference it makes to your Instagram presence!

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