How to Generate More Business for Hotels via Facebook - 4 Tips

Hotels have the opportunity to utilize Facebook as a key tool in their marketing strategy. With the power of social sharing of photos, posts, and deals that Facebook offers combined with the massive daily use of Facebook by individuals, Facebook can be a key marketing location for hotels. Combine the above facts with Facebook's Graph Search tool that enables friends to search and find hotels that friends recommend or have checked-in at, and the power of recommendations by friends is added to the equation!

Here are Four Items Every Hotel Should Have on their Facebook Page:


1. An Email Signup Tab to Grow your Email Marketing List

The ability for a Hotel to grow their email list is a important asset and benefit that a Facebook Page can offer. Growing the email list offers a way for hotels to continue to drip market to customers and interested parties after the initial visit.  Email continues to be a proven and valuable digital marketing tool. Hotels can add a tab to their Facebook page offering visitors the opportunity to join their email news list.  TabSite plans come with the ability to integrate a Constant ContactMail Chimp, or Delivra email form.

At the Platinum Plan of TabSite any email service provider form can be added including options such as Aweber, Vertical Response, Salesforce, Hubspot, iContact, and more. incentive

Hotels can have success in growing their list via Facebook by regularly posting about the opportunity in the news feed and directing traffic to the tab.  Those having the greatest success often include some sort of deal or offer incentive for sign-up that can motivate people to opt-in (see Tip #4 below for more information).  Having a tab on the Facebook page for email opt-ins allows growth in marketing beyond Facebook.  Plus, with features like a Like Gate implemented, the opt-in tab also serves as a tool to grow the Facebook community of the hotel.   One tip is to post a news feed message to your Email sign-up tab using the Smart URL and then use Facebook ads to increase the reach of this post to your target audience.


2. A Gallery of Photos Tab to Showcase Hotel Facility

A photo is worth 1000 words!  You've heard that statement before and it's true.   Images communicate more, better and faster than text, especially in Social Media.  So create a showcase gallery app of your hotel with the images you have!  Hotels can showcase their finest points including rooms, restaurants, pools, amenities, and more!  A tab such as the Gallery App allows hotels to setup a tab with a auto-rotating gallery of your finest photos.  Each image can link out to a particular area of your website if desired.  With Social Sharing tools built-in, these images can be pinned to Pinterest, shared on Facebook and more.

Regularly update this gallery with photos from your hotel.  Then post in the news feed one image teaser with a link to the tab, preferably at least 1-2 times per week. The tab can have a Like Gate on it, enabling you to grow your fan community. For a demo of the Gallery App, go to the TabSite Facebook Page.



3. Make Booking easy with a Reservations Tab

If you have sparked the interest of a potential customer on Facebook and they have come to your page, a key is to make it easy for them to view availability and book a room!  The best way to do this is to offer this right on your Facebook page via a tab.   They are on Facebook for a reason, to see what friends are doing and to be social, so do not make them leave if they don't want too!



Hotels can use TabSite's Website ReSizer App to simply add their website reservation page perfectly within a tab on Facebook.  The Website ReSizer allows Page Managers to adjust the size of the webpage to fit right into the 810 pixel width of a Facebook Page tab.  Make it easy for fans to book their stay on Facebook!


4. Offer Promotions and Specials

Promotions spark engagement and activity. 

deal or offer is a great method of drawing visitors to the fan page.  Often a deal or offer app on a Facebook Page asks the user to do something, and when the task is completed, the user is granted access to the deal.

For example, “Like our Page to access this 30% off coupon” is one method commonly employed on deal tabs.  Another is "Share this with a Friend" or "Pin this to Pinterest" to access the deal.  Deals are useful because (1) users respond to deal offers and (2) something helpful to the company (more Page likes, Shares, Pins to spread the word) occurs as well.

Pros of using a deal:

  • Low barrier to entry (simple task completion)
  • Expands reach to additional social networks—This can help the Page reach a wider audience or another type of audience than currently reached
  • Can work for a wide variety of industries
  • Pages get something of value in return, such as further exposure, a like or an email address
  • Adds fans to the community when a Like Gate is used. (All TabSite promotion apps come with Like Gates)


These four tips can help hotels, bed and breakfasts, and other destination locations reach fans, extend reach to friends fans, increase reservations, and grow the email marketing list.  A key is establishing a news feed posting plan that links back to the tabs and captures fan attention in the news feed.  When implemented well, these ideas can help a hotel socially excel on Facebook!

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