How To Buy And Grow An Existing Affiliate Marketing Website

Buy And Grow An Existing Affiliate Marketing Website

There are a lot of schemes out there on how to make money in your spare time. Few of them, however, are as effective as creating an affiliate marketing website. These sites can be a great way to not only make extra money but can often substitute your full-time income and can lead to a business instead of a side hustle.

One problem with this process is that it can take a long time to build a site from scratch and that it can take a couple of years before you are making enough money to quit your job.

One way around that is to buy an affiliate marketing website that is already established. These sites are sometimes already making money so you can see a return on your investment right away. Then you can grow it much faster than if you had to wait for Google to pick it up and start showing it in search results.

In this article, I will go over how you can buy an existing site and then build it into a money-making machine.

Pick the right niche

There is a sweet spot that you are looking for when it comes to the right website to invest in. you want it to be making money already or at least has the potential to be monetized to start making money.

And, it should be in a niche that has people spending money on it so it can grow and make even more money. But, at the same time, you don’t want to spend too much money.

Look for profitable niches by using a keyword research template when you find an interesting affiliate marketing website. This will give you an idea of how much potential the site has to grow if it isn’t making a lot of money. You may find the profitable keywords will be too hard to rank for as there is a lot of competition. Or, they may not have enough buyer intent and the site will be hard to monetize.

Keyword research is tedious so try to find the right tool to make your life easier. You can even build your own by using a spreadsheet to automate your automate your kw research.

What are profitable niches to focus on? Here is a shortlist that can help you out:

  • Hobbies (woodworking, crafts, camping etc)
  • Pets and animals
  • Gardening
  • School sports
  • Home improvement
  • Personal care

These are some broad niches that you can find some luck in but the key is to narrow the focus. For example, instead of a general gardening website, make one for people with small spaces. Camping should be narrowed down to camping with disabilities. These will have less competition and give you easier access to success.

Look for monetization opportunities

A quick win to be had when buying an existing site is finding areas of monetization that are not being taken advantage of. For instance, if there is already a good amount of traffic and there are no display ads then you should sign up for an advertising program and start making money right away with that.

There are also products within the niche that may not be promoted by the existing site that you can add. Create content around these products and drive traffic to the posts and you should see some early commissions come in.

There may be links to products that are unavailable and those links should be substituted to ones that are. Or, you may find higher-priced products to link to which will increase your revenue overnight.

Update old content

Some posts may have fallen in the SERPs because the information is outdated. Going through old content and giving them a makeover may be exactly what Google wants to see to start ranking those old posts again.

Adding tables, a FAQ section or a how-to guide with structured data will often be enough to bring an underperforming page back to life. This will bring in traffic much faster than adding new content will.

Create an email list

One of the best uses of an existing site is to convert the traffic you are getting into an email list. Create a lead magnet that you can offer in return for your visitors’ email addresses.

Email marketing is highly effective and is a great way to add even greater revenue without much effort. People willing to give their email addresses are happy to be marketed to but with a big caveat. Make sure to not overdo the sales emails and focus on helpful information.


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