How Sports Companies Market Themselves Online

Do you run a sportsbook providing odds to sports fans everywhere or you are a sports team looking to boost your merchandise sales? If so online marketing is always going to be an inevitable part of what preoccupies you on a daily basis.

Here we give a breakdown of all the ways that sports companies, of all shapes and sizes, are marketing themselves in the online sphere.

Sports Companies Market Themselves Online

Sports companies are always looking for ways to attract sporty types to their platforms and brands. These marketing techniques do just that

Comparison Sites Do the Hard Work

Harnessing the power of comparison websites and apps has always been key to making a success of any online business. Especially, with their respected reviews and customer feedback. Additionally, insider knowledge of a given industry – makes them trusted sources of information and special offers. When it comes to people wanting to buy tickets to sports events there are plenty of these sorts of sites and apps. For example, TixSeacher. This allows events companies and promoters to get their events in front of a wider audience. The same goes for sportsbooks who use comparison sites like oddschecker, to have their odds, free bets, and sign-up bonuses achieve maximum visibility. There are now even sites like Gym-Compare. This allows people to peruse the best-rated gym facilities in their area before they sign an expensive yearly or monthly contract.

The key to ensuring that comparison websites and apps work as you want them to, is to build a strong relationship with the comparison site in question. Thereby, allowing your product or service to rank as high as possible in their overall listings.

New Social Media Channels Keep Brands Fresh and Current

Establishing social media profiles on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are crucial parts of any online marketing strategy. Many of the conversations held by sports fans and experts now take place on these platforms. Traditional media like radio phone-ins and newspapers is no longer as popular.

However, it can be all too easy to fall behind in the ever-changing social media landscape. Especially, as new platforms spring up all the time. This is most obvious in the way that TikTok has taken many sports companies by surprise. Some of the sports companies who came to the platform early are now reaping the rewards. For example, the NBA who at the time of writing had just shy of 14 million followers thanks to their fun and playful short videos. Other sports companies that reacted fast to the TikTok craze were ESPN and Gymshark, both of which have stellar followings.

sports marketing

Sports companies are in a constant race to win as many new customers as possible. However, they must also cling to the loyal ones they already have on their books

Getting Online Influencers to Push your Brand

The aforementioned Gymshark is perhaps the best case in point for a company harnessing the power of social media influencers. Influencers can push a previously unheralded brand into the upper echelons of some of the biggest marketplaces on the planet.

The sports apparel company was started by Ben Francis. He took the company from his garage all the way to being a billion-dollar enterprise. However, he had plenty of help along the way, enlisting the services of top social media influencers. They promoted Francis’ products to their millions of followers. Of course, this tactic was revolutionary at the time with sports companies now being wise to the impact that influencers can have. However, done the right way, this sort of online marketing can be effective. That is as long as a particular influencer’s values and image match perfectly with those of a sports company and its products.

Gamification Has Sports Customers Feel Close to the Action

Another online marketing technique that is all the rage at the moment is that of gamification. Sports companies are employing the services of video game developers to create games specially to build brand awareness and loyalty. Some of the games out there doing this include the Nike Run Club and Zwift. The latter’s entire raison d'être being gamification.

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