The Different Types of Sports Betting Content and Why Quality is Important

The different types of sports betting content and why quality is important

Sports betting has always been a way of life in the United Kingdom. It also has a history that can be traced back to the early days of horse and greyhound racing. Even before it was legal, bets were placed on the track.

A nation of sports lovers has always been intrigued by the idea of spicing up a sporting event by having a financial interest in the outcome. It’s hard to grudge them that too. Imagine the perfect scenario – your favorite sports team wins a grudge match against a bitter rival. You’re happy with the outcome. That joy increases when you bag a handful of cash from the result. Which helps to pay for the celebration after the match.

The betting department at SeoBrothers explains how this changes their work and how businesses can benefit from quality content.

Many US States Join the Party

Betting on sports is now becoming more widespread with recent rule changes in America leaving it to individual states to decide their betting laws. Over the last 12 months, we’ve seen a long list of states join the online betting revolution, legalizing betting on sports and at casinos.

Of course, this has opened the floodgates for major bookmakers from around the world to arrive in the US. All looking to secure a share of the pie. As the betting industry becomes ever more competitive across the world, successful bookmakers need to stand out from the crowd. Long gone are the days of gaining success simply by opening a betting shop on a popular high street and letting the public come through the doors.

Online gamblers are far less loyal to their betting brands than those that wager in person. They are spoiled for choice when it comes to special offers, promotions, great odds, user-friendly sites, and sports coverage. It’s a great time to be a better but a tough time to operate as a betting site. That’s why web content teams are more important today than they have ever been.

Betting Content Comes in Many Different Forms

Betting content comes in many different forms, including the following…

  • Previews
  • Reviews
  • Bonuses
  • Promotions
  • Interviews
  • Reports
  • Advertising

You can use these content ideas on the homepage of a popular betting site. For example, instructing customers how to bet, giving them interesting stats, and explaining promotions. Content can also be in the form of pre-match previews. For example, an expertly written look at an upcoming football match is great content. Explain the form of both teams, the head-to-head stats, and the injury news. This content should also list available bets on the game. The idea of this type of page is that bettors will read the high-quality article and be convinced to place a bet at that bookie on a selection.

Pre-match betting tips and previews also serve a purpose for SEO. They can help a site rank high on the top search engines for that sporting event. An example is the Manchester Derby match shown live on TV. A bettor could search on their phone’s web browser for Man Utd vs Man City betting or free bets. They will then see a list of betting apps with the match preview ensuring a firm ranks highly.

These types of articles do serve an important purpose, but the problem is they have a short shelf life. Once the match is over it's unlikely too many people are going to be searching Manchester Derby free bets, so the article slips almost out of view.

Bookmaker Reviews

Successful betting sites benefit more from long-term and static content. Articles that do a great job of helping a bookie stand out from the crowd, tick all the boxes for SEO but will be relevant for a season, a year or even longer.

These long-term articles are usually bookmaker reviews. A report on a certain betting site, app, promotion, or welcome bonus. It is relevant and will be spotted for as long as the bookie is in existence or the promo is live. This is the reason you’ll find more and more bookmaker reviews on your internet searches concerning betting. Most sites in the industry offer reviews but some are better than others.

The bookmaker reviews available following the launch of Serbian MightyTips stand head and shoulders above the rest. Why is that? Because they provide readers with quality content, are engaging, and drive to educate bettors on what’s available to them.

It’s not just a static article for SEO purposes it’s a page for bettors to learn how to use the betting site against each other through promotions and the differences in odds. Read them and you’ll become a smarter, better, and more profitable sports gambler.


A well-written piece of sports betting content, such as a bookmaker review, will come from an experienced source with a reputation for beating the bookies. They won’t just give you sports betting tips, they’ll expose weaknesses in the industry and show you how to exploit them so more of your bets make a profit.

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