How Product Reviews Affects the Ecommerce Industry

How Product Reviews Affects the Ecommerce Industry

Ever thought of purchasing a product online but not sure of what it entails? Now and then, you may need someone to share their experiences after purchase to help you make that final decision? That is where product review comes in. Online shopping sites use reviews to give consumers a chance to rate and even comment on the product they have purchased and used. These product reviews are meant to help consumers decide whether to buy a product or not. The effect of product reviews varies from time to time, according to product advancements made and how long the product has been on the market. 

This article examines in detail how product reviews affect the e-commerce industry.

Product reviews provide genuine feedback on products

People today do not just want to buy a product. With the wide variety of information and products online, consumers are now looking for ways to see if products are a fit for them. A study by Salsify estimates that up to 30% of consumers see product reviews as a sign that the retailer understands their needs. Research by Fan and Fuel also shows that consumers look through online reviews to see if services or products suit them. These statistics show that consumers regard online reviews highly and that they may matter more than even the product descriptions provided by the retailer. Therefore, product reviews may determine if a customer buys a product from a site or not. 

Product reviews affect SEO which is key in increasing traffic to a  site

SEO is essential for companies that sell services and products online. Also, it is crucial for e-commerce sites. Through SEO, an e-commerce site can increase traffic to their sites by improving their visibility on search engines like Google. Customer reviews contribute to SEO by adding more content to the new site. The more the reviews, the more the content contribution. Google relies on content to rank websites, and therefore, these reviews affect the industry positively.

Product reviews help the consumer understand the website and the service it offers

There are some big e-commerce websites like Amazon. People are used to buying from these sites, and they already have a solid reputation that puts them ahead of the rest. On the other hand, there are some new e-commerce websites that customers do not purchase from frequently. When shoppers are browsing through a new website, they often go through product reviews to understand details such as shipment and return policies. They look to the reviews to understand if shoppers have had positive experiences with the site. 

Reviews tend to lower return rates

Having a product returned to a shop is stressful for both the customer and the retailer. Reviews are a point of reference for customers as they rely on each other for information before completing the purchase. The more reviews a product collects, the more the information there is about it for the customer to read through. 

No matter how different or unique a client is, a product with enough reviews will help him/her make the right decision when it comes to purchasing because it gives them a more unobstructed view of what to expect once the purchase is made. When a consumer understands their needs, they are likely to stick with the product as there are little to no anticipated disappointments. 

How to attract reviews 

From the explanations above, you have understood how reviews influence the e-commerce industry. However, getting customers to review a product may not be as easy. One of the best ways to get through to customers is to use review providers., a third-party review provider, helps businesses craft the best reviews for their clients after giving their products a thorough look to understand what the user experience is like. 

Review providers make product pages more attractive and convincing for shoppers as they do a better job of building up a substantial body of information to give the customer all the details they need before purchasing a product. Usually, these reviews are left after the reviewer has acquired and tested the product, therefore authenticating it.

Also, you can email customers after they purchase and ask them to leave a review. Ensure that the customer has received and started using the product before asking because it takes time for them to form an opinion.

Product reviews play a significant role in determining the performance of an e-commerce site. These reviews help build trust, provide genuine feedback to clients and the retailers, and helps drive traffic to the site. To attract reviews, a website can utilize review providers or ask customers directly after purchase. Over time, with a substantial body of reviews, an e-commerce site can reap the fruits of a budding business.

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