How Financial Services Consulting Can Help Your Business

How Financial Services Consulting Can Help Your Business

Money isn’t everything—it can’t buy you happiness, manners, or peace of mind. But let’s face it: being financially sound is important if we want to carry on with our lives seamlessly.  For your business, that's where a financial services consulting firm can come in to assist.

Some people don’t have problems saving for a rainy day, while others find it difficult to make their hard-earned money last until the next payday. 

No matter which category you belong, financial management is essential, especially if you’re running a small business. Since not everyone is financially astute—some entrepreneurs included—many opt to avail of financial services consulting to manage their assets, investments, and everything in between. 

Which brings us to the question: How does financial consulting work and how can it help your business? We’ve got the answers in this article.

What do financial services cover?

When we think of financial services, the first few things that come into mind are banks and their various products, including a savings account, checking account, or loans that can be used for personal, car, or business needs. 

Generally, financial services refer to any type of service that manages not only money but anything that has value or can be monetized. This includes investments, mortgages, assets, and, yes, debts. Thus, it includes insurance and money-lending companies, among other institutions. 

What is financial services consulting?  

Financial services consultants are third-party advisors. They offer a wide range of services aimed at achieving the short-term and long-term financial goals of their clients. 

The following are the most common services offered by financial consultants or advisors:

  • Asset management: This refers to the management of investments on behalf of a client, with the aim of increasing a client's assets while minimizing the risk of losses. In this relation, an asset manager should be able to pinpoint specific investments that will grow a client’s investment portfolio.
  • Wealth management: More than just providing sound advice on investments, wealth management covers all the aspects of an individual’s financial life. As such, it incorporates financial planning, portfolio management, and other financial services. Wealth management aims to grow and sustain a client’s assets in the long-term.  
  • Debt management: If you’re struggling to pay several debts and are suffering from a short or limited cash flow, debt management may be your saving grace. Debt management aims to lower a client’s current liabilities by making specific changes in budgeting or an extended debt repayment period, essentially reducing the cost of monthly amortizations. 
  • Risk management: In order to address several challenges that are both internal and external to a business organization, some financial service providers offer risk management in their portfolio. The process involves identifying, assessing, and controlling specific risks that could negatively impact an organization’s capital and income. 

What does a financial consultant do?

Financial consultants or advisors are professionals who come up with a sound financial plan based on the client’s short-term and long-term goals. Financial advisors map out a client’s overall financial status, which includes assessing debts, assets, income and expenses, and come up with various methods to make all these aspects work for them.  

Ideally, these professionals meet with clients on a regular basis. However, with an increased need to outsource services online, there are an increasing number of online financial advisors whom you can start working with, too. 

How can financial services help your business?

You may assume that only large-scale businesses can benefit from financial services consultancy. In reality, however, even small businesses need them. Check these out to understand how financial services can turn your business around.

  • Business financial health analysis. A financial consultant could examine a business entity's spending and cash flow patterns to come up with methods on how to reduce operation costs without necessarily leading to manpower losses. They can also provide tips to manage cash flow for small businesses.
  • Business operations strategy review and development. By analyzing which specific business processes impact the company unfavorably or result to losses, a financial services consultant can help pivot a business to drive better earnings and operate more efficiently. 
  • Business risk management. Every business, whether large or small, face risks such as market volatility, uncertainties, natural disasters, accidents, and others. And, with almost all commercial entities going digital, online and data-related threats should be added to the list. 

Financial services consulting, via its risk-management service, can help a business identify and mitigate both internal and external risks. By doing this, a client is able to make small tweaks and correct specific internal business processes and to anticipate, as well as manage, external threats better. 

  • Business marketing strategies. Being familiar with market and consumer behavior, among other things, some financial consultants can offer sound advice to businesses when it comes to expending their market or geographical reach. Financial consultants may also aid in other business and marketing aspects such as product pricing, proper positioning in the marketplace, and generally bringing in more customers or clients.  

An advisor may also work with a company’s marketing team to come up with specific strategies to increase income exponentially. 

  • Increasing earning opportunities. Besides streamlining business procedures to mitigate losses, financial consultants are good at looking for ways to increase business capacity for money-making ventures. This is especially helpful for budding entrepreneurs and small businesses.  

Final Thoughts

Availing the services of a financial consultant may sound off-putting, especially for small business with limited resources. However, in some or most cases, hiring a financial services consulting firm may turn your business around and could potentially improve its financial soundness.

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