How Do Cryptocurrencies Go Up and Down?

How Do Cryptos Go Up and Down

Due to the highly notorious nature of bitcoin, it has become one of the incredible and most loved triple currencies worldwide. Even if the volatility of bitcoin can be 5% or even 10% every day, people like to invest their money in it. Well, what is the reason behind it? The same is nothing else but the higher returns it gives to its users. Even if there are high price swings in bitcoin, people love to invest in it because they get a lot of returns. With the appropriate knowledge about the subject, anyone can profit from these digital coins, which everyone wants nowadays. Yuan Pay Group can help you to book more profit in these cryptocurrencies and here you can get more information about Yuan Pay Group.

People believe that cryptocurrency prices go up and down just because of one factor: demand and supply. However, it is not true at all. Whenever there is price volatility in a commodity, several factors act as the movers of its prices. If you also believe that there is only one factor that moves the prices of a commodity. Then you might be slightly wrong, and therefore, your knowledge needs to be corrected. There are several important reasons behind the daily volatility in the prices of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. If you want to understand them, perhaps you are at the right place today. Here are some significant movers of cryptocurrency prices daily for you to understand the price volatility of bitcoin and other digital coins.

Demand and Supply

Like any other commodity or digital assets, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are also affected by the demand and supply in the market. You might be believing that there are no demand and supply factors in the cryptocurrency market because they exist on the Internet. However, it is entirely wrong. We need to understand that even if these are digitally existing tokens, there are demand and supply forces into play. Whenever there is a high increase in demand and a low supply, the prices of bitcoins increase. However, the vice versa is also true.


Competition in the market is also an essential factor that may define the prices of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. Even though you are using digital tokens on Internet-based platforms, you will face competitors and do something that moves the prices. For example, suppose that you are using Bitcoin. If the demand for other cryptocurrencies rises, the prices of Bitcoins will also be affected. The same goes if demand decreases in the market. With the decreasing demand, the supply will not come down. Hence, the prices will come down. It is a mechanism that applies to every commodity that adds additional acid nowadays.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Different cryptocurrency exchanges also lead the price fluctuations in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. There are many cryptocurrency exchanges due to the widespread popularity of digital coins. The cryptocurrency train you're using will lead to the prices you are getting for a coin. Suppose that you are using an exchange with high fees for making a transaction, and hence, you will get a cryptocurrency at higher prices. The same is the case with providing their services at cheaper rates. With lower fees, you will bed cryptocurrencies at a lower price.

Cost of Production

The cost of production is directly related to any cryptocurrency in the world. As long as we are mining cryptocurrencies, making another coin will increase. Thus, this will lead to higher prices of Bitcoins and other points in the market. Yes, this is the case, just like any other commodity in the world. Whenever the cost of production increases, the market value also increases for the commodity as the creator also has to earn something. It is a well-understood mechanism.

Regulations and Legal Requirements

When governments are looking forward to imposing rules and regulations on different cryptocurrencies, the prices have started to decrease. Digital coins are popular because they freely move worldwide without any government control. However, if there is government control, they will be less popular. Then, people will be less inclined to purchase these coins and trade in them. It is because of the fear that they are going to increase losses. Hence, if the government imposes rules and regulations, the prices will decrease.

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