How Cats and Bacon Drive Massive Social Media Engagement

What is it exactly that drives the popularity of cats and bacon in social media?

Cat memes and bacon pics rule and have massive engagement and share rates for some reason that escapes me!


I have to admit, I don't get it.  Why do cats have over 30 million monthly Google searches?  How is it that bacon is searched for nearly 6x more than Kevin Bacon?

This is a fun and mysterious side of social media, trying to figure out why somethings go viral and gain traction.

As Marketo notes, "The infographic is a fun visual representation of the insane popularity around cuteness and deliciousness. See how these stats below can be leveraged as a sort of “catnip” for your own marketing campaigns, giving them a savory shot of personality for extra social media lift and virality."

Below is the full infographic from Marketo (all images credit: Marketo).  Whether you start adding more cats and bacon in your social media posts will be up to you.  I'll paraphrase Fox News, "I'll report, you decide."



Your Turn:

Any thoughts?  will you add bacon or cats more to your marketing mix because of their engagement and interest levels?



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