The Secret to Building a Massive List of Viable Leads Revealed

The Secret to Building a Massive List of Viable Leads Revealed

The Secret to Building a Massive List of Viable Leads Revealed

When it comes to growing a business, leads are one of the most valuable assets a company can have. Of course, a company can always continue on with a solid list of current customers or clients, but when you are looking to grow, that list needs to grow as well. Actually, the secret to building a massive list of viable leads is right there where it’s always been, it’s just that you haven’t recognized the value in what you already have so as to cultivate it. The secret is in the men and women you have working for you that make your company what it is. Those on the front lines who deal with your customers are the ones who can grow your customer base exponentially by doing what they do best, giving great customer service!

Happiness Is Contagious

Have you ever been in a room when suddenly someone begins guffawing, those deep belly laughs that soon become uncontrollable? Before you know it, everyone in the room is laughing even though they have no idea what that person is laughing about. Soon it’s spreading like unchecked wild fire and you find yourself laughing uncontrollably as well.

This is what a happy crew can do to build leads for your company. The happier your people are with the job they do and the company they work for, the quicker customers will pick up on their total satisfaction with what it is they do. You can get more leads from word of mouth referrals than you can from much of the canvassing you do because customers will be happy to share their experiences.

The Key Is Putting that Smile on Their Faces

If you are looking to build a cohesive team of well-satisfied employees who are happy to do what they do, day after day, the one common denominator is money. No one works for free, that is a given. It isn’t always a matter of paying them more but in those little extras that take nothing away from your profit margin but add something of benefit to them.

Many employers have begun looking once again at the benefits packages they offer their personnel. It is becoming increasingly obvious that the amount of savings towards retirement we once thought was sufficient will not get us through our senior years. It was always assumed that if you set aside that magic percentage, it would build to a tidy nest egg for your retirement. We are seeing that the magic 10% is no longer enough. So, how can you help your employees build on that amount?

Putting Together a Reasonable Benefits Package

One of the things which today’s employer may wish to do is look at a wider variety of financial products aimed at retirement savings. Investment funds in which part of their investment is matched by their employer give them that added incentive to set aside a little extra with each paycheck. Investment products from Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs) to Registered Income Funds and Life Income Funds, can be offered as a part of your benefits package so take time to look at ways to help them grow their wealth for the future – theirs and yours!

Incentives to Grow Their List of Viable Leads

As a way of building that list of viable leads, many companies have begun running little contests in which the employee that grows the biggest list of viable leads is rewarded with something of value. It could be an extra amount deposited to their RRSP or it could be in the form of a bonus check. There is more than one way to reward your frontline employees for building a list of leads, but first you have to give them incentive to grow their own personal lists.

Getting back to the idea of rewards, a worker who benefits personally is more apt to be happy at what they do, will stay on the job longer and will work to make the company they work for grow along with them. The secret to building a massive list of viable leads isn’t really a secret at all, At least, it shouldn’t be! Employees happy in what they do will continue to seek ways to earn a higher income and sales is going to be one of the easiest ways to ensure that salary going forward.

Yes, it starts with sales but it filters through the entire organization. Happiness is contagious and with it comes success. Keep your employees happy and they will be happy to work towards a future. Sometimes, it’s really just that easy.

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