Google Search Shortcuts for Saving Time

Google Search Shortcuts

I'm all about saving time!

Being efficient is HUGELY important to me.  I'm definitely a GTD (Get Things Done) kinda guy and I love shortcuts to help me accomplish more faster.

I've been stacking up some Google shortcuts and I thought it was about time to compile and share a few!

Did you know that over 67% of all searches being done online today are on (ComScore Sept. 2014)! What many do not know is that is can also be used to solve a variety of common tasks and problems.

Google can provide you with answers directly from the search tool for a number of key and routine business and educational needs without needing to go to a different website.  Did you know that?

We'll dive into some of those special Google search shortcuts right now!

Google Search Shortcuts

One key to know is that you don't have to type in questions and only get links results to other websites! You can type in direct items in certain areas and get results right away.

For example, are you interested in calculating a tip for the waiter from your business dinner?

Then simply ask Google the tip amount such as, "What is the tip amount for a $58.25 meal?" Instead of web page results, Google gives you the tip amount in a easy-to-adjust tip calculator tool!  The same thing can be done for figuring out how to divide a bill among multiple people.


Another great feature is tying in "Keywords" in Google that trigger specific results.

For example, a way to find local restaurants near you is to simply type in the keyword, "Restaurants" in Google.  A list of those close to you will appear! Similarly, when traveling and unsure of the local time, simply type in "Time" in Google and it will display the current local time for your location.

Google Search Tips for Business

Business travelers can check flight schedules in Google by typing in:

"Flight Schedule - <airline> <flight>" and Google will show you the departure and arrival times for that flight.

Also, while on the go they can check stock prices by simply entering in the stock symbol in the Google Search bar.  Try "FB", for example, to get the Facebook stock price.


An additional business use is to check the weather.  You can simply type in "Weather" to get the local forecast, or you can type in "Weather <city>" and get the details on conditions in the city of your choice. As well, you can get currency conversions by typing in, "Currency Converter - <Currency 1> in <Currency 2>". This gives you the conversion.

For the educators among us (or students), you can solve math problems by typing them in directly in Google's search bar such as "282 + 8.5".  Or for those word problems, simply type in "define <word>" and this launches the dictionary to give you the word definition!  The capital of any country is a click away when you enter in "<country> capital".

When you are home in the evening relaxing you can use Google to find out what is on TV too!  A simple search for "Thursday night football" will bring up the NFL scores and schedules for Thursday night games this season.  If you see a commercial for a upcoming moving you can then type in Google, "<movie> release" and get the date it will be out.  "Movies" will return a listing of movies in theaters near you, and "<movie> trailer" will bring up the YouTube trailer video.


So, while Google is the #1 Search Engine in use today, it's also a knowledgebase that is available for use.  Particularly useful with the increase in Smartphone use, these tools provide quick means to get answers in moments all from one source,

A last tip is that you can search just within a website in a Google search by using, "site: <website domain> <search term>".  That query will search just that site for just your search term!

google website search

So go ahead, try one of those Google tips right now!

Got others I missed?  List your best Google search tips below!

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