Go Beyond Website Forms with the Quiz Tools of Typeform

Go Beyond Website Forms with the Quiz Tools of Typeform (1)

Lead capture web forms on websites are fairly commonplace, and they generally work like this:

  • You come to a website.
  • Something grabs your attention.
  • You enter your information into a form to receive a newsletter or free ebook.

We're all used to the process. But, for so long now…. it's been so boring! Are you motivated to enter your information on that form?  Perhaps.  Or perhaps not.  It all comes down to the offer and the methods.

People abandon website forms for the following reasons:

  • Lack Of Engagement - Do you enjoy spending time clicking checkboxes, sifting through a drop-down menu or entering response after response in endless text fields? Neither does your audience in many cases.  Too many fields of asked for information and your completion rate will drop. Engaging, fun forms makes filling forms much more pleasant for your next lead.
  • Mobile Unfriendly - Have you ever tried trying to select a teeny text field with your fingers on a small screen on your phone? Or tap on a checkbox that won't react tap after tap? It isn't fun! Having a modern, mobile-friendly web form saves time and keeps the desire to click the back arrow at bay.
  • "Meh" Design - Design is an important factor in whether or not a potential lead backs away from your website form. A well-designed web form compels a site visitor to complete it, and it also inspires trust in your brand.
  • Time-Consuming/Cumbersome - Asking too many questions (particularly questions your audience sees as irrelevant) is a turn-off.

It's time to wave goodbye to the standard lead capture form. Say "hello!" to a new interactive method with quizzes from Typeform.

Typeform Online Form and Quiz Tool

Now, let's not get it confused. Typeform forms are web forms. But they can also be more than the average form by using their engaging and interactive quiz tool.  A quiz can transform the way you use forms for your business, removing the “boring” nature of a standard form and creating buzz and engagement that keeps the user interested.

Quizzes present an intriguing method for marketers to interact with audiences. Maybe it’s time for your business to create a quiz!

Users are not simply completing fields of input. The audience gets to express their opinions and truly engage. People love to help, and quizzes are a great way to get insights and guidance.

Giving your audience a quiz can do the following for your business website:

  • Helps boost conversions
  • Gets more buzz generated about you on social media

Easy to set up and with templates that make creation a snap, Type form quizzes are an engaging and dynamic way to generate new life to the old art of forms online!

Advanced Information Gathering Forms

With quizzes, information gather is so much more than inputting a name and email address via a web form. It’s a journey and an online experience that is memorable.

Are you looking for a new way to boost your brand and generate leads? Consider a quiz that makes the process much less mundane and much more engaging for the visitor.

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